Ms. McKinnon

Mrs. McKinnon

Hi guys, 

SInce I have two grade 10 PIF classes and have been posting the same things on each page, I figured it was easiest from now on if we merged into one team.  I will be deleting the Period 4 Team and adding you to the period 2 team... only because period 4 is smaller and less students will be affected.  You will get notification throught email that you've been removed from one team and added to the other. I will rename the team PIF 10 without specifying the period.  Thanks, and email me if you have questions. :)

Hi all,

Please make sure you've joined into your respective TEAMS... this is where all home learning directions will be posted and I would hate for anyone to miss out!!! :)   If you're having difficulty getting on to your TEAM, please send me an email and I'll try my best to help you out. 

Posted: April 7, 2020

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Posted: April 6, 2020

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Posted: February 28, 2019

The following are asked to come to Ms. McKinnon's classroom for Study Block on Friday, March 1st

Jorja Hanley

Cassidy English

Sarah Tarr

Abbie Martin

Karlie Houck

Meara Gallagher

Ashley MacKinley

Ashley O'Neill

Savana Black

Lexa Lloyd

Cassie Lloyd

Period 3 Interview Schedule

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Period 1 Interview Schedule

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Posted: May 29, 2017

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Posted: March 14, 2017

N'oubliez pas d'envoyer votre présentation par couriel à moi avant lundi, le 20 mars.

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Team Codes
Bonjour mes élèves!! :)
Grade 10 Interview Schedule 2017 (Period 3)
Grade 10 Interview Schedule 2017 (Period 1)