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Posted: June 8, 2020

Entrepreneurship 110                                    June 8 – 12

For the final week of your business venture, we are going to look at the different types of funding that pertain to a specific type of venture and develop short survey to conclude your business venture.

Part A:  Explain a couple different types of funding that are available including; Government grants and bank loans.

Part B:  How can you identify a demand for your project within your school? What are some things you could do make sure there is sufficient interest in your project?  One way to identify this is to create a short survey for your target market with questions (10 questions minimum) to give yourself a better understanding what your target market expects in terms of your products and services you will be selling.

  • Feel free to email me your completed business plan after you finished this last activity, take care and have a great summer!

Posted: June 8, 2020

History 10                            June 8 – 12

We are going to conclude the year looking at a couple of different aspects for Ancient Greece. 

Part A:  Research Ancient Greece and describe some of the pleasures and challenges associated with daily life for these people. 

Part B:  This is a fun activity where you are going to compose a menu which reflects the daily diet of a typical Greek citizen.  Feel free to be creative with this activity and develop a Greek restaurant (with a catchy Greek title), include some Greek foods that you will be serving in your restaurant and exactly what these foods consist of.  Take care and have a great summer! 

Posted: June 8, 2020

Social Studies 9                                 June 8 - 12

This week we are going to conclude the year with our final assignment looking at “Moving to a New Country Survey Form.”

1. Explain to your family that they must move and have three days to decide where in the world they

are going to live—other than Canada or the United States. Everyone is very busy getting ready and

because you are a student of geography, you are given the task of helping to choose the country

you’ll go to.

2. Explain to your family that there are certain criteria that must be considered in order to increase

your chances of success in the new country.

3. Explain that you must think about such things as the language spoken and job opportunities.

Criteria to Consider

In the spaces below, list your criteria. Try to have at least six or seven items. Your job will be to research

and compare the criteria from country to country before making a final decision.

1. ________________________________________________________________________________

2. ________________________________________________________________________________

3. ________________________________________________________________________________

4. ________________________________________________________________________________

5. ________________________________________________________________________________

6. ________________________________________________________________________________

7. ________________________________________________________________________________

Country Choices

Choose three countries that you will consider moving to.

1. ______________________________________

2. ______________________________________

3. ______________________________________

Take care and have a great summer!

Posted: June 1, 2020

Entrepreneurship 110                                                   (June 1 – 7)

This week for your business venture, we are going to look at developing an Operational Plan and Production Process. 

Part A:  Identify the short term goals and objectives for your venture.

Part B:  Create a financial Plan and sales projection for your venture.  Explain/estimate the income you expect to receive from your venture (sales) and your total expenses for your venture to come up with the profit you expect to make from your venture. 

(Sales – Expenses = Total Profit)

Posted: June 1, 2020

History 10                                                                        (June 1 – 7)

This week we are going to begin to explore Ancient Greece.  One of the most fascinating aspects of Ancient Greece was the origins of the Olympic Games. 

Part A: Research the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece and explain the time frame of these events, who participated, where these games took place, rules, restrictions and awards.

Part B:  Compare these Ancient Olympic Games in Ancient Greece to the modern day Olympic Games.  What are some similarities and differences between the two?

Posted: June 1, 2020

Social Studies 9                                                              (June 1 – 7)

This week we are going to look at migration and factors that influenced people to come to Canada.  First of all, there are two important terms for you to identify, “Migration and Immigration.” 

1) Develop a definition in your own words on these two terms. 

2) Research a theory to explain the First Nations people’s early arrival in North America.

3) Geographers divide the reasons for Migration into two Categories:  Push factors and Pull factors.  Explain each of these terms and provide 3 examples of Push factors and 3 examples of Pull factors.

4) Over time the number and origin of immigrants entering Canada has changed.  The government controls the immigration policy which is influenced by economic conditions; and the social and political attitudes of the time period.  Today the policy reflects the belief of multiculturalism (official policy that respects the different cultural groups of Canada.)  In an essay, explain how Immigration affects Canadian Identity.   Be sure to use examples to support your answer

Posted: May 25, 2020

Entrepreneurship 110                    (May 25 – May 31)


This week, we are going to continue to develop your final business plan by looking at market research and applying it to your business plan.

1)      First of all, explain why exactly we conduct “Market Research?”

2)      What is the difference between primary and secondary research?

3)      What is a “Target Market?”

4)      Identify YOUR target market for your business venture.

5)      Develop/explain the product or service you will be presenting and selling to your target market.

Posted: May 25, 2020

History 10 (May 25 – May 31)

This week we are going to look at methods used by archaeologists to reconstruct the past.

First of all, do some research and familiarize yourself with the term “Archaeologists” and answer the following questions:

1)      In your opinion, how exactly do things get “buried?”

2)      How exactly are archaeologists able to date the artifacts they discover?

3)      What are archaeologists able to infer about the past based on the evidence of artifacts?

4)      Research one famous archaeological site and explain what was found and why what was found is so valuable to modern day citizens

5)      In your opinion, discuss one fascinating thing about artifacts found in an archaeological dig.

Posted: May 25, 2020

Social Studies 9 (May 25 – May 31)

 Canada’s People

1-           What is the archipelago effect?

2-           What does population density mean?

3-           How do we calculate Population density?

4-           Why do we calculate population density?

5-           Calculate the population density of the following countries below.

Country                               Population                                        Area                                     Population density

Canada                               33 487 208                                        3 855 081           

United States                     307 212 123                                      3 718 691           

China                                   1 338 612 968                                   3 705 386           

France                                 64 057 792                                        211 208

Afghanistan                       33 609 937                                        250 000

Australia                             21 262 641                                        2 967 893           


6.            Which country has the highest population density?

7.            Which country has the lowest population density?

8.         How can these figures be used? (what can they tell us?)

9.         Which province / territory in Canada do you think has the lowest population density? Why?

10.         Which province / territory in Canada do you think has the highest population density?  Why?

Posted: May 18, 2020

Entrepreneurship 110                    Executive Summary                       (May 18 – 24)

This week, you are going to develop an executive summary for your business venture.

An executive summary is a one or two page summary of the most important points in your plan, intended to capture the attention of the reader.  A description of your business must be accurate and tell readers enough for them to decide if they are sufficiently interested in the ideas behind the venture to read further.  For your executive summary, please include:

1)      The names of the management team members and how these people can be reached

2)      The name of the venture and a description of its nature and objectives

3)      Information about the goods and services offered, what makes the business unique, the location of the business and proposed timelines for its development