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Posted: February 23, 2017

Digital Productions 120 – Movie/Concert/Video Game Poster

You are going to create a 8.5 x 11 Photoshop layout with 300dpi resolution (open photoshop, click "file", "new" and click the dropdown preset to "U.S. Paper").

Your poster will contain the following: • 3 Text layers3 different brush sets with effects3 Pictures from the Internet (copyright free)

Your poster can be for a movie/video game, concert, TV show etc.

Please be sure to check out the following link:
You will need to explain to me how you used PROXIMITY, ALIGNMENT, REPETITION, CONTRAST, and possibly WHITE SPACE for your design.

Posted: February 14, 2017


Your Photoshop FAILS assignment is due by the end of class tomorrow. The following Photoshop Assignments are due by next Wednesday! Yes, I considered possible snow days….

Please make sure that you use copyright free images to perform the following activities.

Layers activity (dog & Field) - Cut out dog and add to field picture.  Find 3 other pictures and add them to your project.  Add your name in 2 Text layers to your projects with various effects to your layout.

Value:  15

Lighthouse Project - Use crop tool to rotate picture and make it straight.  Use clone stamp to remove unwanted people from picture. lighthouse.jpg      

Value:  5

Old Man  - Remove blemishes and fix the right eye. Using clone stamp/healing tool  OR polygonal lasso.  

Value: 10

Dinosaur - Using the tools you have been practicing with, erase the man in the picture AND the two smaller dinosaurs in the lower left. Pay close attention to the textures and make them as seamless as possible.

Value:  10

Here is the link to the images:

Posted: February 7, 2017

Michael Moore’s   SICKO


        As a class we will view Michael Moore’s “SICKO”. During the movie you are to write down 20 points that are made that may seem questionable to you. You will hand these in attached to the back of your essay.


        For your essay you are to pick three (3) of these points and critique them to the best of your ability. Are they true? Partially true?


        Whether you are agreeing or refuting one of Michael Moore’s points you are to back it up with quality sources. Please make sure that the sources are accurate to the time period of the filming of the movie as well. (Example: Do not use a 2017 fact point to prove or disprove a point made in 2004)


        Please source on the page and provide a “Works Cited” page attached to the back  as well.


Value: 30


(Each answer, whether proving or refuting, is worth 10 marks. You will lose 5 marks for not providing a “Works Cited”, 2 for not having a proper title page, and 3 for not sourcing on the page. This rule will now apply for all assignments!)


Posted: February 7, 2017

You will create a PowerPoint featuring examples of Photoshop gone wrong, and Photoshopped images done right.

- Be creative with your PowerPoint.

- Have 10 examples (very different) of poorly Photoshopped images.

- Have 5 examples of what you consider to be Photoshop done right.

Value: 20

Creativity 5
Bad Images 10
Good Images 5

Posted: January 13, 2017

Final Sociology Assignment:

Survey Project: Education

Your survey project is worth 10% of your final grade is to be handed in the day of your exam. You will use your project and its results to answer the final part of the exam that has to do with research.

Your survey project should include the following:

*** Page 1: A title page (Includes name, class, date, teacher name)

*** Page 2: First paragraph – Introductory paragraph about your topic, why you chose it and a summary of the article you’ve attached.
                Second paragraph – State your hypothesis and what you intend to prove.
                Third paragraph – State your dependent and independent variable for your study.

*** Page(s) 3: A blank, unanswered copy of your survey which includes all questions you asked of your participants. No more than 20 questions should be asked but no less than 10.

*** Page(s) 4: Please include your results in percentages and/or charts. This can be done for you with no extra work within the Google drive.

*** Page(s) 5: You MAY want to include all of your survey responses in strands so that you can more easily see the anonymous user’s complete answers and not just in percentages. This is the generic “excel” looking page that comes up when going to print responses. You may also keep this separate from your project if you wish.

*** Page(s) 6: Please attach the article to the back of all of this that you used to form your argument in the first paragraph of your second page and which you formed your hypothesis around.

Posted: December 6, 2016

Above is the link to take you to the handout for the Genocide assignment due on Monday, Dec. 12th.


In whatever means you with (TYPED) please answer the following 2 questions in your own words. Please use sources to back up your opinion.

- If you were asked to discuss the Prison Experiment in light of one of the three major perspectives, which would you choose? Why?

- One of Prof. Zimbardo's conclusions was that the brutal behaviour found in real-life prisons is not due to the antisocial characteristics or personality defects of the guards or prisoners. (Environment, circumstance, leadership, etc.) Can you argue sociologically that he is right in his conclusion? How?

Value: 25

Posted: November 23, 2016

Students  are going to write an essay on the effects of Mass Media on gender and socialization.

- Why does it matter how commercials and television and movies portray the appearance and behavior of males and females?

- What effect on socialization might there be if television shows and movies offered a wider range of gender traits and behaviors?

Please include any facts/stats/information that you find pertinent to your hypothesis.

(Should not be more than 2 pages, have them cite their work)

Value: 20

Posted: November 9, 2016

In groups of 2 or 3, you are going to research an NGO and present it to the class. Keep in mind that you are going to be teaching your classmates about this particular NGO, and it’s cause!  

You need to answer: Who are they? How did they start? Why? History? Are they Human Rights/Environmental/etc?Are they Campaigning/Operational? Where are they located? Headquarters? Regions of interest? What are their goals/purpose? How do they accomplish this? Approach? How are they funded? Grants? Donations? Other support?  

Lastly, why did you pick this NGO? Are you behind it? Support it? Pitch it to the class! Show your classmates what they are all about and why they feel so passionate about this cause.

You will be marked on: Mechanics  – 10, Content – 10, Pic/Video  – 10, Delivery – 10, Relevance – 10, 

Extra Work – 10 – Handouts/Poster/Flyer/Shirt… etc.     

Value 60  

Posted: November 1, 2016

In a group of no more than 2 people (or by yourself) you are going to create a presentation for the class on a specific tradition in another culture other than our own. In presenting this CULTURE to the class you MUST include some of their values and norms, their IDEAL values and REAL values, and material and non-material culture. This will help explain why the tradition you are talking about to the class exists today. Why do they still do it. How does it fit within THEIR value system. Remember in presenting these different cultures try to remain "culturally relative" and try not to bring in your own personal beliefs.


Delivery - 10,  Content - 20,  Mechanics -10,  Use of pictures and video - 10,  VALUE - 50


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