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Posted: February 16, 2018

Search on YouTube for "Adobe CS3 Tutorial" for help.

Please make sure that you use copyright free images to perform the following activities.

Layers activity (dog & Field) - Cut out dog and add to field picture.  Find 3 other pictures and add them to your project.  Add your name in 2 Text layers to your projects with various effects to your layout.

Value:  15

Lighthouse Project - Use crop tool to rotate picture and make it straight.  Use clone stamp to remove unwanted people from picture. lighthouse.jpg      

Value:  5

Old Man  - Remove blemishes and fix the right eye. Using clone stamp/healing tool  OR polygonal lasso.  

Value: 10

Dinosaur - Using the tools you have been practicing with, erase the man in the picture AND the two smaller dinosaurs in the lower left. Pay close attention to the textures and make them as seamless as possible.

Value:  10

Here is the link to the images:

Posted: February 15, 2018

Constructing Reality

Select two different media texts (any form of reproduced communication, from a book, film, or album cover, to an advertisement, movie, sitcom, a toy, or a t-shirt) and use the following questions to help you deconstruct(analyze how meaning is constructed). You must include your chosen text with your finished assignment and you will present your findings to the class.

1)What are the characters like? Are they realistic? Are they stereotypes?

2)How do the characters relate to each other in terms of power, age, gender, race and class?

3)What are the values and ideologies of the characters?

4)Who is the intended target audience?

5)How and why does this text appeal to  its audience?

6)Who created this text? Who owns it?

7) How is the text distributed or sold to the public?

Due: Tuesday, Feb. 20th

Posted: February 12, 2018

You will create a PowerPoint featuring examples of Photoshop gone wrong, and Photoshopped images done right.

- Be creative with your PowerPoint.

- Have 10 examples (very different) of poorly Photoshopped images.

- Have 5 examples of what you consider to be Photoshop done right.

Value: 20

Creativity 5
Bad Images 10
Good Images 5

Posted: February 7, 2018

Using this link: , identify and explain the six roles of Mass Media.

Use each role as a page heading and find and attach two examples of mass media products that effectively illustrate this role.

You may use whatever materials you wish . . . newspapers, magazines, internet, etc.

You may use Powerpoint, Word, make a video, or paper/poster  to display your results.

Due Date: Tuesday, Feb.15th

Posted: February 7, 2018

Microsoft Office document icon world_issues_outcomes.doc31 KB

Posted: February 7, 2018

Microsoft Office document icon sociology_outcomes.doc45 KB

Posted: January 8, 2018

Final Sociology Assignment:

Survey Project: Education

Your survey project is worth 10% of your final grade is to be handed in the day of your exam. You will use your project and its results to answer the final part of the exam that has to do with research.

Your survey project should include the following:

*** Page 1: A title page (Includes name, class, date, teacher name) (5)

*** Page 2: First paragraph – Introductory paragraph about your topic, why you chose it and a summary of the article you’ve attached.
                Second paragraph – State your hypothesis and what you intend to prove.
                Third paragraph – State your dependent and independent variable for your study. (12)

*** Page(s) 3: A blank, unanswered copy of your survey which includes all questions you asked of your participants. No more than 20 questions should be asked but no less than 10. (10)

*** Page(s) 4: Please include your results in percentages and/or charts. This can be done for you with no extra work within the Google drive. (8)

*** Page(s) 5: You MAY want to include all of your survey responses in strands so that you can more easily see the anonymous user’s complete answers and not just in percentages. This is the generic “excel” looking page that comes up when going to print responses. You may also keep this separate from your project if you wish.

*** Page(s) 6: Please attach the article to the back of all of this that you used to form your argument in the first paragraph of your second page and which you formed your hypothesis around. (5)

*** Page(s) 7: Lastly, what is your conclusion? Refer back to your own research, use the results of your survey… Would “it” work? (Hint” It’s OKAY if it wouldn’t work!) (10)

Value: 50

Posted: November 30, 2017

You are going to write a paper of at least 400 words. Please use proper citation, works cited page, and title page. 

« Moving beyond physical prisons built of steel and concrete, what psychological prisons do we create for ourselves and others? If prisons are seen as forms of control which limit individual freedom, how do they differ from the prisons we create through racism, sexism, ageism, poverty, and other social institutions?  »

Please discuss how STATUS and ROLE play a part in these ´hidden’ prisons that are within our society. In the prison experiment everyone was a volunteer and knew the experiment was fake. Is our society being ‘duped’? Is our society basing a lot of its values on things/ideas that are ´fake’ as well?


Please take your time and think about the questions above. Try to refer to the terminology discussed in class. This is your opinion.

Value: 50

Mechanics:10, Content: 10, Procédure: 10, Your Opinion (consideration of the questions above) 20

Due: Dec. 6th

Posted: November 28, 2017

In groups of 2 or 3, you are going to research an NGO and present it to the class. Keep in mind that you are going to be teaching your classmates about this particular NGO, and it’s cause!  

You need to answer: Who are they? How did they start? Why? History? Are they Human Rights/Environmental/etc?Are they Campaigning/Operational? Where are they located? Headquarters? Regions of interest? What are their goals/purpose? How do they accomplish this? Approach? How are they funded? Grants? Donations? Other support?  

Lastly, why did you pick this NGO? Are you behind it? Support it? Pitch it to the class! Show your classmates what they are all about and why they feel so passionate about this cause.

You will be marked on: Mechanics  – 10, Content – 10, Pic/Video  – 10, Delivery – 10, Relevance – 10, 

Extra Work – 10 – Handouts/Poster/Flyer/Shirt… etc.     


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