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Posted: May 2, 2017

English 9 - periods 1 and 6 - we finished the play today, then tried to determine who you thought was MOST responsible for Romeo and Juliet's fate.  Be prepared to write your test tomorrow!

English 9 - period 2 - Hopefully, you were able to select a novel today for your novel study.  You'll choose your packet tomorrow!

English 121 - Today, you were assigned an additional "on-your-own-time"  novel study.  You must select a classic, then (after reading it and making copious novel notes) write a one-page literary essay to prove that the novel you selected either should or shouldn't be considered a classic.  The guidelines for a literary essay are included on the assignment page, taken directly from your Grade 12 Standards document.  Due date is Friday, May 19.

Posted: April 10, 2017

English 9 - Periods 1 and 6 - Terrific work with Act 1...our star cross'd lovers have finally met!  What's next?  We'll complete some in-class activities this week as we continue reading in Act 2.

English 121 - This week will be dedicated to establishing your theses for the essay you have selected to write.  Remember, ALL parts of the process must be handed in with your final copy next Wednesday, April 19.  These include the plan/outline (vetted by a peer and Mr. Hache or Mrs. Corlett), your edited draft, your final copy, and the rubric we co-created.  In addition, your Article of the Week is due on Thursday.

Posted: April 3, 2017

English 9 - Periods 1 and 6 - Great job with your iambic pentameter!  You can read your work (and that of your peers) in the hallway right outside our classroom.  Today, we began Act 1, scene 1 - boy, do these families HATE each other!

              - Period 2 - You're now at Act 3!  Mr. Hache has a little side-step planned for you tomorrow...

NOTE: Grade 9 course selections are tomorrow. Don't worry - we'll take a few minutes at the beginning of class to give you the run-down!

English 121 - Today, we took a different approach to our Article of the Week, viewing a Ted Talk, instead.  This is the link, in case you were absent today:

For Thursday, you must have the Food for Thought section completed (we practiced note-making while we viewed the video in class today).  Your Non-Fiction assignment is due tomorrow (Tuesday) (novel notes and a typed One-Pager).  In addition, you must have read MLK Jr.'s response piece to the Alabama Clergymen for tomorrow (Tuesday).  NOTE: If you were absent today, there is a copy in our class folder for you. 


Posted: March 21, 2017

English 9 - Good work with your presentations.  These will continue into tomorrow and the next day...then we'll get fired up for some Shakespeare!

English 121 - Today was terrific - you have certainly polished your satirical skills!  Tomorrow, you'll be frontloading for Mark Twain, as he's the author of the next satirical essay you'll be reading.  Please remember that you have the following up-and-coming assignments due:

Thursday - Article of the Week (it's attached below - thanks, Jillian!)

Friday - Reflection

April 4 - Your non-fiction assignment (novel notes and typed one-pager addressing the Five Big Questions)

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Posted: February 14, 2017

English 9 - We will continue to work on gathering information for your MLA-formatted essay.  Right now, you're accessing ONLY RELIABLE websites, and making your own notes.  That should take a couple of days.

English 121 - Thanks, Colton, for the great Article of the Week (I've attached it to this post).  Please have it completed for Thursday.

Posted: September 26, 2016

English 9 - The Article of the Week you received today is due on Wednesday.  Tomorrow, we'll determine the due date for your friendly letter, too.  Thanks for helping to make the rubric today!  I also have a peer edit checklist for you...another part of the process!

English 122 - Your Article of the Week is due on Thursday.  Also, your re-do of the short story assignment I handed back today (the two questions - remember?) is due tomorrow, and you have a Reflection due on Friday.  Tomorrow, you'll be completing your short story test.  Whew!  Big week!


Posted: September 22, 2016

RHYAN - Hello there!  Hope your trip is terrific!

English 9 - Today, we completed a group analysis of my letter to you (especially dealing with the punctuation), then you determined if you'd like to write a friendly letter in response, or perhaps something with a little more "bite" to it (persuasive or argumentative?).  You now have samples of both to get you started.  Tomorrow, we'll get rolling with the outline for your letter (using a graphic organizer), then we'll finish up with some SSR.  Remember, your Book-A-Month is due Sept. 30.

English 122 - Nice work today!  Your introspection is most certainly developing...although it may be driving you a little nuts!  Tomorrow, you'll be handing in the assignment you worked on today (dealing with either "That Bus Is Another World" or "Afterlife"), along with your Reflection.  After that, we'll have a say about themes in these stories, followed by a test. Whew!  You're doing great!

Posted: September 19, 2016

ENGLISH 9 - Hi there!  Your Article of the Week is due Wednesday.

ENGLISH 122 - Hey!  Your AotW is due Thursday, and you have a Reflection due on Friday.

Posted: September 12, 2016

English 9 - Hey there!  Remember two things: 1.  ALWAYS have your novel with you!  2. Have you Article of the Week finished for Wednesday.  Good work, folks!

English 122 - Hi!  Your Article of the Week is due Thusday.  Can't wait to have a say!

Posted: September 6, 2016

ENGLISH 9 - Welcome!  Hope your first day is (or was) a good one!  I've attached the course outline for you, like I said I would.  See you tomorrow!

ENGLISH 122 - Ditto!

Posted: November 16, 2015

English 9 - Article of the Week is due for tomorrow (Tuesday).English 122 - Article of the Week due for Wednesday, and the One-Pager and novel notes for your non-fiction selection are due on Nov. 27.  In class today, we completed Act 3, and we will work on the "making predictions" assignment tomorrow.

Posted: October 19, 2015

Eng 9 - Your Article of the Week is due on Wednesday.  Also, remember to have your book with you at all times, but especially for our SSR on Tuesday and Friday.  It'll give you a jump on getting some reading done for the Book-A-Month that's due on Oct. 30.Eng 122 - AotW due on Wednesday.  Your supported reserach essay is due tomorrow.  Be sure it aligns with everything indicated on the rubric - assure yourself some success!  Tomorrow, we'll continue frontloading for Dr. Faustus.
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