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Posted: September 12, 2012

Period 2, 3 & 4 - Culinary Tech 110 Today we continued working on the Tools & Small Equipment Unit and completed a study guide and a "Use of Tools" sheet. Reminder: Quiz on Friday on everything we have done so far. We will be starting in the kitchen at the first of October, so make sure you purchase your apron that you will need for then!   Period 6 - Math 9 Hi Folks! Today we continued working on Rational Numbers and found out who the real Batman was...  The notes from yesterday and today's classes are attached!
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Posted: May 23, 2012

Period 2 - Math 9 Today we went over problems with collecting data for the probability unit. There were 8 factors that you must consider before conducting a survey (Timing, Cultural Sensitivity, Ethics, Bias, Time, Cost, Use of Language and Privacy). These are all outlined in your textbook on page 432. Please complete questions 3, 5, 6, 7, 9 from page 435 in your textbook for tomorrow's class.   Period 6 - English 112 Hi Folks! Today we finished watching Lord of the Flies and began talking about your project. In tomorrow's class, you will be watching another version of Lord of the Flies (The Simpsons, yay!), then you will be doing an activity relating to the video. You will also be receiving your project outline which will inform you that your detailed proposal will be due on Monday, May 28th.

Posted: May 22, 2012

Period 2 - Math 9 Today we looked at Theoretical & Experimental Probability as well as Subjective Judgement. Please complete questions 3-11 on page 427-428 for tomorrow's class.   Period 6 - English 112 Today I collected your LOTF packets and we began watching the movie.

Posted: May 12, 2012

Period 2 - Math 9 Homework - page 411, questions 6 and 11.   Period 6 - English 112 Please complete the attached Chapter 9 questions for Monday's class!
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Posted: May 9, 2012

Period 2 - Math 9 Today in class, you completed your Circle Geometry Quiz and we had time to correct it and hand it back to you...Great job one those by the way! Tomorrow we will begin the next (and last!) section of the unit!   Period 6 - English 112 We read chapter 8 of Lord of the Flies in class today. Tomorrow afternoon, Drama is putting on their play during periods 5 & 6, so I'm asking that you have all of the work Chapter 7 & 8 in your packet done, as well as your Chapter 8 questions done for Friday's class. Don't for get that I will be collecting your packet on Friday!

Posted: May 2, 2012

Period 2 - Math 9 Today we did some questions on Properties of Chords in a Circle. On Monday, you will be completing an assignment. Remember that Wednesday will be your quiz!   Period 6 - English 112 Today we completed chapter 7. We will be doing your test on Chapters 1-7 on Monday. Some notes are attached!  
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Posted: April 24, 2012

Period 2 - Math 9 We completed an assignment in class today on Similarity and Transformations. Tomorrow, we will begin our next unit, Circle Geometry.   Period 6 - English 112 In class today, we went over the questions from Chapter 2 from Lord of the Flies and also talked about the behaviours of the main characters in the play and how they have created a democracy on the island. Please complete the 5 questions activity, read Chapter 3 and complete the Chapter 3 questions below: 1. What do the huts symbolize?  Why is their collapsing significant? 2. Page 52  Explain the significance of the following quote:      “If it rains like when we dropped in we’ll need shelters all right.  And then another thing.  We need shelters because of the---     He paused for a moment and they both pushed their anger away.  Then he went on with the safe, changed subject." 3. What are Jack’s feelings on the idea of the beastie?  (page 53) 4.  Page 53   Explain the significance of the following quote:      "Jack had to think for a moment before he could remember what rescue was." 5. In this chapter, the different attitudes to life on the island for Ralph, Jack, and Simon are clarified much more deeply.  Discuss how each boy feels. 6.  Add to character profiles.

Posted: April 23, 2012

Period 2 - Math 9 Take a look at your notes from today as you will be doing a pass-in assignment tomorrow in class.   Period 6 - English 112 Have Chapter 2 read for tomorrow's class, along with the reflection & the 20 questions activity. Also, the following questions were assigned in class: 1. Page 33.  Ralph asks the boys to put their hands up when they want to talk.  How secure is this rule?  On what is it based? 2. Page 38.  Piggy states that the boys are acting ‘Like a crowd of kids-‘  Is Piggy right?  What is the evidence? 3. Who is to blame for the child’s death?

Posted: April 19, 2012

Period 2 - Math 9 Today you completed the OCA in Math class. On Monday, I will go over your test and also give you an assignment on some of the concepts from Similiarity & Transformations that I feel you need some more practice on. No homework, have a good weekend!   Period 6 - English 112 In today's class, we discussed Chapter 1 of Lord of the Flies and talked about some important concepts and symbolism that appeared. You worked on some chapter questions and began reading chapter 2. Please compete reading chapter 2 and complete the chapter 1 & 2 assignments (summary & reflection) for Monday's class. Have a great weekend Folks! I have attached your Chapter 1 questions.
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Posted: April 17, 2012

Period 2 - Math 9 Hi Folks! On Monday, we decided to switch the date of your test to tomorrow, Wednesday, April 18th, as we have to write the OCA during Math class on Thursday. I gave you a review today in class, which I have attached below. Please look over the review for the test tomorrow, if you can get the questions on the review, you will be well prepared for tomorrow :) On the attached review, the answers to the review are included for your reference!   Period 6 - Engilsh 112 In today's class, we found who could actually survive on an island...alone...with three friends...and no cell phone, or Facebook. AH! This was a pre-reading activity for Lord of the Flies which we will begin reading in tomorrow's class :)
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