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On Friday, December 6th, James M. Hill held its annual winter pep rally where the activities therein stirred some controversy. Monica Tremblay reports.

Tommie Talk's own Zachary Creamer goes in depth about the big man upstairs...Santa Claus. Popular opinion sees the Jolly Old Elf as a hero who benevolently gives toys to children...but Zach Creamer exposes the darker side of St. Nick.

Posted: December 18, 2013

Eng 111 - Read Poe's The Black Cat and perform the following tasks: The Black Cat - Writing Assignments Part 1: Go back through the text of “The Black Cat” and find examples of: (QUOTE THEM) a.     Personification (3 examples) b.     Metaphor and simile  (5 examples total) c.      Alliteration (3 examples) d.     Irony (find an example of all 3 types of irony and describe how it is ironic) e.      Symbolism  (4 explained symbols – what does it represent?)  art 2: Choose one of the following: 1.     Rewrite a section of the story from a different point of view (the cat - Pluto or other, the wife, the policemen) 2.     Re-write the ending of the story to your liking 3.     Combine details and plot elements from both Poe stories "Tell-Tale Heart" and "The Black Cat" to make the stories weave together. 4.     Write poetry or song lyrics which reflect main theme or plot events from "The Black Cat".
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Posted: December 13, 2013

Eng 111 - Read Poe's Tell Tale Heart and answer the three following questions: Responding       1.     Suspense is a key element in the plot of the story.  It maintains interest and heightens the feeling of mystery.  Suspense compels the reader to read on, to discover what happens next, and how things turn out.  Discuss the elements of suspense in Poe’s famous story and show how it is achieved before and after the murder. 2.     What do stalking the old man and the post-murder details reveal about the narrator’s character? 3.     Poe is a master at creating atmosphere.  What are some of the story details and images that would have a strong appeal to its audience?      
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Journalism 120 reporter Jack MacEathron took time out of his hectic schedule of gaming and fishing in Pointe Aux Carr to track down Tommie Talk's premiere news correspondant Zach Creamer. In a heartfelt and thoughtful interview, Zach reveals what these past months of reporting for JMH Tommie Talk has meant to him.

Posted: December 2, 2013

Journalism 120's second best reporter team, Jude Levy and Sam McIntyre break the story on JMH's missing pool table. Where did it go? Who is responsible? What can we done about it? Let's check out their mediocre reporting on this issue. Hey, Jude!

Posted: November 28, 2013

As Movember winds down, Journalism 120 reporter Mackenzie Brennan reflects on some of the awareness efforts JMH staff and students take to contribute to this important time of year. In her interview, she tracked down Mo Bros Mr. Hamilton and Jeremy White to get a sense of what this month of men's health awareness means to them.

Posted: November 27, 2013

Eng 112 - Students passed in their persuasive essays today and we began initial work on the poetry unit. Notes were handed out, please look at them tonight. Eng 111 - Work continues on the epic non-fiction unit. Due date on all assignments is Dec. 5th!

Journalism 120 Student Mallory Watling reports on the new and improved breakfast program at James M. Hill.

Posted: November 25, 2013

Eng 112 - Students are to have a completed draft of their persuasive essay ready to go for tomorrow's assessment. Here is the assignment:NOW THAT YOU ARE AN EXPERT IN PERSUASION, YOU ARE TO WRITE A 400-500 WORD ESSAY ON THE TOPIC WE DISCUSSED IN CLASS.  STEPS:Start writing a draft! Start as close as possible to your reading/researchDo not concern yourself with grammar or spelling (IN YOUR DRAFT)·Write your first paragraph ·Introduce the topic ·Inform the reader of your point of view! ·Entice the reader to continue with the rest of the paper! ·Focus on three main points to develop ·In EACH Body Paragraph: ·Use a TOPIC SENTENCE·Use a “Con, Pro, Strongest Pro” strategy in your body·Stay focused on your point of view throughout the essay ·Focus on logical arguments ·Don't lapse into summary·Conclusion ·Summarize, then conclude, your argument ·Refer to the first paragraph/opening statement as well as the main points ·does the conclusion restate the main ideas? ·reflect the succession and importance of the arguments ·logically conclude their development?


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