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Posted: March 14, 2012

Using the internet as a resource answer the questions below Explain what is meant by formatting a hard drive. (5) Explain what is meant by partitioning a hard drive. (5) Give a detailed explanation of the FAT32 file system VS the NTFS file system. (5) Which one is faster? (2) Which is more secure? (2) When installing Windows Xp which file system would you use? Why? (1)    

Posted: March 11, 2012

Using the letters provided on page 2, label and explain each component on the motherboard.
File motherboard_components.docx891.17 KB

Posted: February 26, 2012

Tomorrow in class we will be continuing the disassembly process in the computer work room.  Before disassembling the computer it is important to understand the function of each piece of hardware.   Using the internet as your resource, search the terms below.  Define each of the terms and describe its function in the operation of the computer.  Find a picture of each piece of hardwire online and include that with your description.   RAM CPUHeatsink and FanPower SupplyVideo CardMotherboardHarddriveModemFloppy DriveCD-Rom Each term is worth 2 marks.  1 for the definition and description of what the component does and 1 for the picture.     Value 20 
Choose one of the closeup pics from the image gallery below.  Insert it into a word document.  Using the internet as your resource,  name and give a detailed explanation of each port.   Example   Power Supply port - Port where the standard power cord plugs into the computer.  Provides power to the computer.     Value 20

Posted: February 21, 2012

Posted: February 20, 2012

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Posted: February 13, 2012

File esd_and_computer_safety.docx161.23 KB

Posted: February 6, 2012

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Posted: February 1, 2012

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Posted: February 1, 2012

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