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Posted: April 1, 2010

Hello there!  In class today, ENGLISH 9 rounded off the intro material on our character pages, reviewed the questions we'll be working with for Act 1, Scene 1, then we began reading The Merchant of Venice.  Thank you so much to the "volunteers" who read parts today!  Oh, we also completed our course selection sheets.  If you missed today, we can get it done Tuesday.  In ENGLISH 121, we completed our Great Balloon Debate...well, at least down to Hamlet and Claudius.  It was great to see your creative thinking processes at work. Have a fantastic Easter!

Posted: March 31, 2010

English 9 - We corrected the "Text Feature" activity from yesterday, then plumped up our character we should begin reading tomorrow! English 121 - We completed Act 3, then began the Great Balloon Debate.  We'll continue with that tomorrow, then, hopefully, watch to the end of Act V! Don't forget that you have a reflection due tomorrow.

Posted: March 30, 2010

In English 9, we enjoyed a little SSR, then completed an activity dealing with using the text features of our The Merchant of Venice book.  No homework for tomorrow.   English 121 - we completed Act 3, Scene 3 of Hamlet, then watched that section. ( Poor Polonius!  Stabbed in the arras!)  Tomorrow, we'll complete the rest of Act 3, then take part in The Great Balloon Debate.  Can't wait!  Oh, don't forget your reflection for Thursday, instead of Friday.

Posted: March 25, 2010

English 9 - Today, we either completed the Elizabethan-era presentations OR began a pre-reading activity for The Merchant of Venice.  BRING A BOOK TOMORROW, AS WE WILL BE ENJOYING A LITTLE SSR FOR HALF THE CLASS before continuing on with our friend, Big Bad Billy Shakespeare. English 121 - In class today, you shared and discussed the section your group jigsawed for Act 2 of Hamlet.  For tomorrow, please complete the Robert Browning activity (it calls for you to assess and analyze the current mind set of a few key characters - I've attached it to this note), and don't forget your reflection!
Microsoft Office document icon Hamlet_-_Robert_Browning.doc25 KB

Posted: March 23, 2010

In English 9, we continued with our Elizabethan-era presentations.  We should be able to wrap them up tomorrow. We took time in English 121 to share and discuss some items from Act 1 of Hamlet.  Tomorrow, we'll begin Act 2.  Oh, remember that you can write Friday's reflection ANY TIME between now and then...

Posted: March 22, 2010

English 9 - You have completed your research essays, and it is now time to deliver a terrific presentation to your peers.  We began these today, and will continue tomorrow, so be ready to astound us!   English 121 - Today we read, then watched three short versions of Hamlet's encounter with his father's ghost.  For tomorrow, please complete the consideration items for Act 1.  We're tapping into all levels of Bloom's Taxonomy, so bring some creative thinking to the table!

Posted: March 17, 2010

Hello there!  In English 9, we reviewed the elements of a great presentation, and you received the rubric that will be used to score the presentations you do about your Elizabethan topic. YOU MUST GET YOUR NOVEL STUDY PACKET SIGNED FOR TOMORROW. In English 121, we continued with Act 1 of Hamlet.  For tomorrow, please be usre that your CORRUPTION page is updated, and indicate the PORTENTS that have been infused into the play.  What is their purpose?  How do they affect the setting and atmosphere?  How might they foreshadow later events?

Posted: March 16, 2010

Congrats, English niners!  You completed the Reading Comprehension part of the ELPA today!  Tomorrow, we'll begin preparing your Elizabethan Era presentations. English 121 - We reviewed our notes from yesterday, completed a little analysis of the first 12 lines of Hamlet (waht a genius!), then began a character list.  We'll get rolling tomorrow!  Yesssssss!

Posted: March 15, 2010

Good day, folks!  Today... in ENGLISH 9 we went through a little review piece for the ELPA Reading Comprehension tomorrow.  Please bring a couple of pencils and a dictionary, if you have one.  We'll be writing during periods one and two.  And... ENGLISH 121 we completed our medieval Denmark presentations, then gained more background info about the play with a better understanding of REVENGE TRAGEDY and THE GREAT CHAIN OF BEINGS.  Tomorrow, we'll begin Hamlet!  Yesssss!!!!!!

Posted: March 11, 2010

Hey, folks!  This is what's in the news for us: English 9 - You've been steadily working away on your research papers, diligently using the MLA format.  Your essays are due at the BEGINNING of class tomorrow, and we'll work on the presentations next week.  Great job! English 121 - We got through one and a half of your medieval Denmark presentations today - fantastic work!  I now understand both the wall AND boar snout formations of battle...and, unfortunately, I have seen the dark side of gout.  Straight-up gross.  We'll continue with the presentations tomorrow. REMINDER:  The Reading Comprehension section of the ELPA wil be written next Tuesday morning.  We'll throw down a little review on Monday.