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Posted: March 9, 2010

English 9 - Hi there!  In class today, we went into a little more detail with how to cite the sources in your research essay, then we began researching your topics.  Your research essay is DUE THIS FRIDAY.  We will work on the presentations next week. NOTE: THE READING COMPREHENSION SECTION OF THE ELPA WILL BE WRITTEN NEXT TUESDAY!  YES! English 121 - We continued researching your assigned Hamlet topic.  The presentation to your peers will be on Thursday.  If you need any copies made, please let me know.   Hey there, Allison and Brittany!  Give Justin Trudeau a BIG smooch from me!!

Posted: March 8, 2010

Welcome back from your relaxing March break!  here's the scoop:   English 9 - We will be completing a research essay using the MLA format to cite your sources. THEN, you'll be presenting your findings to the rest of the class (likely next week). Your topic must be something related to Shakespeare's time (Elizabeth England), and should be approved by me.  We reviewed a sample fake essay so you can see how your citations should look, and what the Works Cited page at the back should resemble.  I've attached it to this post.  For tomorrow, please have your topic chosen.   English 121 - We will be conducting a day or two of research, then presenting (in the most creative ways possible) background relating to the setting of Shakespeare's Hamlet, which is medieval Denmark.  I've attached the assignment to this post.

Posted: February 22, 2010

Hi there!  It's great to be back!  Here's the deal for today: English 9 - We worked on selecting a "small moment" from our novels, critically analyzing the author choices in that section, then attempting to create our own "small moment", which is due for tomorrow.  We will be peer editing, then creating a final copy in class.   English 121 - Thank you for your patience while we reviewed the necessary documentation for citing sources in your research essays.  By the end of the week, please complete your reflection dealing with the Four Fires excerpt, in addition to your Hiroshima-based research essay.  Lucas - there is some info in the folder for you.  Hope you're feeling well!

Posted: February 12, 2010

English 9 - Today, Mr. Fallon went through a "fractured fairy tale" activity with you, assigning your own fractured fairy tale to be completed for next Friday.  YOU WILL NOT HAVE CLASS TIME, so complete this task on your own (remembering that you have 30 minutes of Study Block each day, as well).   You will also be presenting these to the class next Friday.  Good luck!   English 121 - In class today, we reviewed some of the highlights of your quiz from Wednesday.  Well done!  We also reviewed some of the marking options we'll be using for quizzes and assessments in class (rubrics?  embedded on the quiz itself?).  Hiroshima should be completed by Wednesday, including the guiding questions.  You wil have a quiz on that day, then begin a section of Bryce Courtenay's Four Fires.   I'll be marking ELPA's all next week in Fredericton, but I'll drop you a line each day.  Be great!

Posted: February 11, 2010

I'm so glad to be baaaaaack!  Thanks for doing such a great job with Mr. Trevors.  Here's the scoop on today:   English 9 - Some of you were given letters to take home and get signed by your parents for not completing your homework today.  Please return the signed letters tomorrow. We also reviewed the quiz you wrote yesterday, and discussed some of the important elements of our novels.  There is not a set homework assignment, but you should be reading your novel, answering the questions as you go, and filling in your novel packets.   English 121 - You were given a little time to edit the quiz you completed yesterday, then we reviewed the key guiding questions for sections I and II of Hiroshima.  There is no set reading assignment for tomorrow, but keep plugging away anyway...and complete your Reflection.

Posted: February 5, 2010

English 9 - Today we reviewed the four types of narrator/point of view, reviewed the questions you will be completing as you read your novel, then began reading.  Remember to keep track of everything you figure is important about the characters.  No homework for Monday, but please feel free to read, if you like.   English 121 - You handed in your first reflections today - thank you!  We then discussed your KWL charts, and you received your guiding questions for Hiroshima (attached to this post).  We began the novel (you'll be trying a Corlett-tried-and-true method of taking important notes on a looseleaf bookmark), and discussed a few instances of character development and good choices made by the author.  You have no official homework, but section one should be completed by the end of class on Monday.   Good luck, Christina!!   I will be in Fredericton on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Keep plugging away, and I'll see you on Thursday!
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Posted: February 4, 2010

Eng 121 - In class today, we reviewed some of the terrific questions you made, keeping Bloom's Taxonomy in mind.  We then reviewed the four main types of narrator/point of view (atatched to this note), then began a KWL chart for John Hersey's Hiroshima.  For tomorrow, please fill in the first two columns, and hand in your reflection.  Thanks!   Eng 9 - Today, we completed researching the setting of our novels, then shared a little of our findings with the rest of the class.  We then began the very first part of our novel study.  For tomorrow, please have the first page of your packet completed - your first homework assignment of the semester!!
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Posted: February 3, 2010

English 121 - Please complete the Bloom's questions (and answers) for tomorrow at the BEGINNING of class.  From there, we'll begin the initial stages of Jon Hersey's Hiroshima.   English 9 - Today we began evaluating the SETTING of your chosen novels, working in the computer lab.  Tomorrow, we'll complete that task, make a master list, and get to the business of reading!

Posted: February 2, 2010

Welcome back!  Here's what we tackled today: English 9 - We reviewed our course outline for semester two, tentatively chose a novel to study (The Outsiders or The Catcher in the Rye), and began a little pre-reading activity (attached to this post).  Tomorrow, we'll finish it, then work on establishing the setting of your novels.   English 121 - We  reviewed our course outlines, then worked through understnding the levels of Bloom's Taxonomy for Thinking (attached to this post).  Tomorrow, we will complete the Bloom's activity with the very short story, The China Doll. Don't forget about your REFLECTION, due on Friday.

Posted: January 21, 2010

ELPA Writing day tomorrow!  Bring a dictionary if you have one, and be ready to write your absolute best pieces of writing.  Good luck!