Mrs. McCallum

Semester 2 2017

Posted: April 18, 2018

Biology 112-  Students were given a review sheet in class today.  They were given the period to work on it and they will be given a bit of time to work on it in class tomorrow too.  We will review for their test on Friday.

ES 120- Students were working on their biome projects.

Chem112- Period 4- students reviewed naming acids and bases and were given worksheets to practice with.  Period 6 students were at the career fair and will get this information tomorrow.  There is a molecular compound mini quiz tomorrow.  The students were told on Monday that the quiz would be on Tuesday, but due to the snow day and career fair it was moved to Thursday.


Posted: April 16, 2018

Biology 112- Students worked on sheet regarding classification.  Test on Thursday, April 19th. 

ES 120- We started our biome project in class.  Groups were selected and topics assigned.

Chemistry 112- Students worked on molecular compound questions.  Students will have a mini quiz on molecular compounds tomorrow. Answers are provided for sheets from class.


PDF icon molecular_compound_answers.pdf11.91 MB

Posted: April 10, 2018

Biology 112- Students started a new unit on classification. They are to complete their dichotomous key for class tomorrow.

ES 120- Students started a new unit on ecology. Today we discussed species interactions.

Chem 112- Students had time to work on questions on Ionic Compounds.  There will be a mini quiz tomorrow April 11th on ionic compounds.

Posted: April 3, 2018

Biology 112- Students will have a test on Friday.  Review sheet is due Thursday.

ES 120- Test on Wednesday, storm date Thursday.  We reviewed the review sheet for the test today.

Chem 112- Students have a test on Thursday. Review sheet was worked on during class.  Answers for the review sheet are provided.

Posted: March 29, 2018


Biology 112- Students were given a review sheet that is to be completed for Wenesday April 4th.  Students will have a test on April 5th. 

ES 120- Students have a review sheet due for Tuesday April 3rd and a test Wednesday April 4th.

Chemistry 112- Students have a review sheet due on Tuesday April 3rd and a Test on April 4th.


Posted: March 26, 2018


Biology 112- We reviewed notes on Osmosis and students were given notes on facilitated diffusion, active transport, endocytosis, exocytosis. Students were given a cell membrane sheet to complete for tomorrow to review.

ES 120- Students were given notes on sustainability, given a review sheet on population.  Tomorrow we will be correcting Population Assignment # 3

Chem 112- Students were told about the exceptions that exist with chromium and copper in the periodic table.  They were given time to work on their questions in class and ask questions.


Posted: March 21, 2018

Biology 112-today we talked about diffusion and osmosis.  We reviewed various terms.

ES 120- we corrected population assignment #2 and worked on population assignment # 3

Chem 112- We reviewed electron configuration using the periodic table


Posted: March 20, 2018

Biology 112- Students started the topic of cell membranes.  Terms given in class will be discussed tomorrow in class.

ES 120- Continued working on poplation assignments

Chemistry 112- Continued talk on quantum mechanical model

Posted: March 19, 2018

Biology 112- Students completed the Eukaryotic Cell test.  Tomorrow we will be starting the Cell Membrane section. 

ES 120- Students finished watching the video Population Explosion.  They worked on population Assignments 2 and 3.  Test will be coming up on Population section.

Chem 112- We started a discussion on atomic model theory and compared Bohr Theory with the Quantum Mechanical Model.

Posted: March 16, 2018

Biology 112- Today we did a review sheet in class for the test.  Answers are posted. Eukaryotic Cell Test Monday, March 19

ES 120- Today we watche a video on population.  We wil continue the video Monday. We will correct Assignment # 2 on Monday

Chem 112- Today we discussed ions and a worksheet was handed out to the class. Candium Lab for homework