Mrs. McCallum

Semester 2 2017

Posted: February 23, 2018

February 20th, 22nd and 23rd


Biology 112


Students reviewed the scientists credited with creating the cell theory.  They learned the parts of the cell theory.  They reviewed different types of microscopes.  They got a microscope sheet to fill in. There was a matching sheet of parts to fill out on the back of the sheet. On Thursday student wrote a microscope mini quiz.  On Friday students worked on the e-lab. 


ES 120


Monday students reviewed for their test.  Test was on Thursday and Friday we went to the computer lab to work on ecopoints.


Chem 112


Students reviewed notes on atoms and isotopes.  Today we discussed how to calculate the atomic mass of an element.  Students have been working on worksheet to review the topics.  Worksheets Chapter 4: Atoms and Isotopes due for Monday


Posted: February 15, 2018


Biology 112

They worked on their airplane experiment, they can complete it tomorrow. Review for quiz Friday February 16th.


ES 120


Students copied notes regarding ecological footprint.  They worked on the worksheets and continued to work on their posters on Environmental Issues.


Chemistry 112


Students completed a lab- Quick Lab pg 45.  For Tuesday complete: Lab sheet, Food Additive Assignment and Periodic Table Assignment


Posted: February 14, 2018


Biology 112


Students reviewed worksheets- “How Scientists Work” and “Simpson Scientific Method”


A review sheet for Friday’s test was handed out


We started the Airplane assignment- practicing the scientific method.  We will continue it tomorrow.  Test on Friday


ES 120


Student’s selected one environmental issue from a list provided in the “Environmental Science Issues” Assignment.


Students were given time in class to create their projects.


Test planned for Next Wednesday February 21st


Chemistry 112


Students completed a mini quiz in class.


After completing the quiz we corrected the periodic table sheet from yesterday.


Food Additive Assignment- Student were given a food additive to research;  Due date: Next Tuesday Feb 20th- But you can pass it in at any time.


Posted: February 13, 2018


Biology 112


Students review answers from the worksheet, examples of scientific method scenarios.


Students got a worksheet to review the scientists and the scientific method.  Answers to the sheets will be reviewed in class tomorrow.  Test on SG, scientists and scientific method on Friday February 16th.


ES 120


Students presented their research on their Environmental Groups


We discussed different local and global issues.


Students continued working on their crosswords.


Chemistry 112


We continued our discussion of the periodic table


Students took notes on Hydrogen and Periodic Law.


We watched crash course chemistry about “The Periodic Table”


Students completed a Periodic Table Worksheet


Mini Quiz tomorrow on Pure Substance/Mixtures, Chemical/Physical Properties and Changes, Pg 52


Posted: February 12, 2018


Biology 112

Students worked on questions assigned from the textbook.

1.  Read pages 8 and 9.  Define the highlighted terms.

2.  Listed the five steps to Designing an Experiment, using p. 8 - 10.

We reviewed the definitions together.

Students completed a worksheet to review the material from class.

Students will continue to work on their foldables in class tomorrow.

Test on Spontaneous Generation, Scientists and Scientific Method-Friday Feb 16, 2018

ES 120

Students watched a video regarding the human impact on the environment.

We discussed notes together regarding environmental problems

Students were given a crossword to review the information from class.

Chemistry 112

Students reviewed questions on Page 52 20-27.

We reviewed the groups of the periodic table and used a copy of the periodic table to represent groups by colouring.

Mini Quiz on Wednesday Feb 14, 2018


Posted: February 9, 2018


Biology 112- Student finished their notes on the scientists.  In class, we will review the scientists and their contributions together.  Students completed a matching worksheet to test what they have learned.  Students will be given a reading on the scientists involved in disproving spontaneous generation.  They will use this information to create a foldable to help organize the information. Students were asked to work on their foldables at home.


ES 120- We went to the library and work on a project, “Environmental Group Research”.  Students were asked to research two different environmental groups.  The class was put into five different groups, each given two topics to research.  Student had the assignment sheet and two templates sheets to fill out the information. Students were told they will be informally presenting their research to the class on Tuesday.


Chemistry 112- Students reviewed notes from Wednesday as well as worksheets handed out in class.  Students were asked to complete a crossword using the notes provided.  We reviewed through the notes together.  We correct all of the worksheets that had been handed out. I passed out a note on elements and assigned the questions Pg 52 20-27.  Questions are due to review on Monday Feb 12th.


Posted: February 7, 2018


Biology 112- Students were given task cards yesterday to review some topics in biology.  After this activity students were to read an article on “The Science Behind the Flu Shot” and answer questions.  Today we will be starting to look at topic spontaneous generation and research some of the scientists involved in the process of developing the cell theory and disproving spontaneous generation.  Students were asked to finish these notes up for homework.


ES 120- Yesterday in class, students read two articles “Climate Change and Pizzly Bears” and “The Truth Behind Bottled Water”.  Student review the first article yesterday and today we reviewed the second one.  We discussed the different perspectives between Canada and the World.  Students were given notes on expansionist and ecological point of view, intro history of the environment and waves of environmentalism.  The ecopoint project was introduced today.  Students have to pick out 8 topics out of 10 choices.  The deadline for this project June 1, 2018.


Chem 112- Yesterday students were given sheet on pure substance and mixtures and physical and chemical properties.  Today in class we discussed what is chemistry and what is the importance of chemistry through different examples.  Students were given a sheet of notes and a crossword to fill out using these notes.  They were asked to complete the crossword and the other worksheet for homework.


Posted: February 4, 2018

Today was an introduction day for Biology 112, ES 120 and Chemistry 112.  We went over the rules and the class outline for the semester and we did a small review to refresh student's memories of topics they have seen in previous courses.

Students will be able to access this page for an outline of what we do each day.

These are the answers to the review questions

Good Luck with studying!

These are the answers for the review sheets given out in class.  

Good luck with studying!!