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Economics 120, English 113, Language Arts 9, English 111


Posted: May 24, 2020

Hello, everyone; I heard from a few of you during the course selection process.  I hope it went OK.  We will be tying up the home learning assignments by June 12th, which means only one more weekly question, and perhaps a tie-up ativity in the final week. I am really impressed with the thinking you have been demonstrating; this will prepare you well for next year!

This week, let's think about the plot a bit. This week's question gets you to think about an important event that has happened, and how the story would change if that event had gone differently.

The question is posted below:

File book_study_question_may_24th.docx13 KB

Posted: May 19, 2020

Hi everyone!  I am starting to get some essays in, so we will continue with completing those, and sending them in. Are you finding the information I posted on writing essays is helpful?

How is everyone doing with course selections?  You need to think about 2 things - make sure you have the graduation requirements, then make sure you have taken any courses that are required for the course you want to take after High school.  Remember that the Grade 11 English was split into two separate credits, and both are graduation requirements.  Those of you who did not have a passing grade at January would not yet have the credit for 113A.  If you are not choosing to recover that credit right now, you will need to select 113A for next year.  

Feel free to email me, if you have any questions:


Hi everyone! I have heard from a few of you that you still need some time to incorporate your research into your essay drafts, so we will continue with that this week.  Was the information posted last week helpful to you?  Let me know what else you need  - email me any time.
How are you doing with course selections?  Let me know if you need any guidance with that.  Your enrollment in 111 sets you up for either 121 or 122 English next year.  You can also complete either level through the Block, if you choose that route.
To expand a bit on the idea of inflation, I just have an activity on the Consumer Price Index, as well as the concept of "Hyperinflation." Posted below, please find the backgrounder on Consumer Price Index, as well as a file containing the activity to go with it.

Happy Victoria Day!  To any of you in Grade 11, don't forget about course selections this week; feel free to email me if you have any questions.

The assignment this week introduces you to the concept of "inflation."  Those of you completing the credit, please start with this assignment to set up some background, then move on the the activity I will post separately for credit.

Watch this quick video from the Bank of Canada, then complete the questions in the file below:

Have a great week, everyone!



Posted: May 18, 2020

 Happy Victoria Day!  

Don't forget about course selections this week.  You do have an elective you can take next year.  Mrs. Hamilton and Mr. Martin were around to our class to talk about it just before school closed.  There is a link on this website to course selections; if you click that, you will enter a whole section that shows videos for each class on how to make your selections, and what the process looks like.  The link is also there for the actual course selection site.

You will need YOUR logon for this.  Let me know if you need a password reset.  If you have ANY questions at all, feel free to email me at

Your Language Arts assignment this week will get you thinking about the choices the author is making, and whether those choices are working to engage the reader.  The assignment is below:



Posted: May 11, 2020

For those of you completing the book study:

This week, let's do some thinking about the setting of the book you are reading.  Down below, describe the setting (the general time and place in which the story is playing out), and then answer one of the following questions: 1)  If it is non-fiction, how is that setting contributing to the plot?  Examples .....Does it help create the conflict?  Does it affect the character, and limit his or her  responses to challenges?  OR 2) If the book is fiction, why did the author choose to set the book in that time and place?  How does that choice advance the plot?
This is posted in the Teams "Book Study" channel - it would be cool to post your answer there, so others can see the different ways that setting affects a story.  If you can't do that, you can always email me at

Hi everyone!  I am glad to hear from some of you that the essays are coming along very well.  Some have asked for a review on how to incorporate research into paragraphs, so I have put together some guidelines for that, below.

Some of you are writing an explanatory essay, using your own knowledge.  For that, you won't need to include research; however, you could still use the plan as a loose guideline for how to format your pararagraphs.

This week, could you send along a few paragraphs (upload it to Teams, or email me at, so I can see how you are doing?  I look forward to seeing the essays come together.

Happy Monday!  I have heard from quite a few of you that you are finishing up the research, and needed some guidelines on how to incorporate that research into the paragraphs of the essay.  In the file below, I have outlined the steps we have taken thus far (thesis statement, introduction, organizing topics/ideas to prove the thesis).  I have also included a loose formula to think about when setting up a paragraph for a research essay.  

Remember that this is an assignment that you have only done a couple of times in your lives, and we are not together to ask quick questions of each other.  Do not hesitate to email me with any questions that you have! Others are probably wonering the same things.

Hi to those completing the credit - we are skipping ahead to outcome 4.3 this week, as it considers the unemployment rate, and the scary numbers for April were just published this weekend. To understand what that rate means, and how it is calculated, please read through the PowerPoint posted below (called “Unemployment Rate”) that outlines how it is calculated, who is included, types of unemployment, and what is considered full employment.


MMake notes, especially, on the types of unemployment, and on who is included in the unemployment rate.

3)    Read through the CBC News article )“Canada Lost Nearly 2 Million Jobs…….), and complete the assignment posted below.



File unemployment_rate.pptx112.72 KB
File economics_120_outcome_4.3.docx13.26 KB

Happy Monday!  This week, we will take a look at the use of the unemployment rate as a measure of the economy's health.  A very interesting example was released last Friday - Canada's unemployment rate for April, just as the pandemic had shut down entire portions of the economy.  Have a read through the CBC article linked here, then answer  a few questions in the file posted below.

Posted: May 10, 2020

Hello, Language Arts 9 Period 3! Your essays comparing two characters were very well done; you made great choices in characters, and backed yourselves up well with specific details. 

This week, we will think about how and why the setting may have changed. See the assignment below for a couple of questions to get you thinking about setting.

Keep up the great work!

For those of you working towards the credit, you will find the assignment for Outcomes 4.1 posted below.  It builds on the general GDP assignment, and moves into looking at business cycles, and defining where Canada might be right now.

File economics_assignment_outcome_4.1.docx13.25 KB

Hi Everyone!  I have had a few people send in their essays, so I would like to take this week to find out what stage everyone else is in.  Could you either respond to the assignment in "Teams," or email me to let mw know the following:

Is your draft done?  Did you get an introduction done?  How are you doing on conclusions?  Where are you running into trouble?  What do you need to know for the next steps?

Once I see where everyone is, we can figure out the lessons for the following weeks.

Remember, though, that everyone's writing process is different, and I understand that some of you are working full-time. The questions above don't necessarily represent where you have to be right now; I am just wondering what you might need for future lessons.  Let me know!

Happy Monday!  This week, let's start getting back together by letting me know where you are with your essay.  The assignment will just get you to summarize where you are, and what issues you may be having.  Remember that everyone's process is different, and many of you are working.  Thus, there is no definitive point where you SHOULD be, I am just looking to see where YOU are, and what further resources you need in the upcoming weeks. 
Here is the assignment:

By the end of this week, please send me a status report regarding the research essay, so we can figure out what we should work on over the next couple of weeks:  Is your intro done?  Do you have a basic draft completed?  How did the conclusion go?  What are you having trouble with?  What do you need for the next steps?

This assignment is on the Teams site, or you can email me at