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Fall Leaves

Posted: April 29, 2019

Ancient History 10 -  Complete your assignment on Hammurabi's Law Code.  Due at the beginning of class. 

English 10 - Novel Study; Newspaper Editorial are now overdue.  Finish if they are outstanding. 

Political Science 12 - Working on Political Satire Assignment.   Due at the end of class Wednesday (May 1st). 

Posted: April 15, 2019

Political Science 12 -  Review for your test on Wednesday.   (Constitutions)

English 10 -  Novel Study Packages are due on Wednesday. 

Today was the last in-class day to work on them.  We are moving on to work in the computer labs on another assignment tomorrow. 

Ancient History 10 - Collected all individual assignments on the Four Dominant Cultures of Mesopotamia.  If you were absent they will be collected tomorrow. 

Posted: April 11, 2019

English 10  -  All students should have finished reading their novels (or are very close; last few chapters)

               - Last class 'work day' for the novel package is Monday, April 15th. *NOVEL PACKAGE DUE:  WED.17th*


Ancient History 10 - Students should be working on thier assignment on '4 Dominant Mesopotamian Civilizations'

                        - Assignment due at the end of class tomorrow (Friday, 12th) 


Political Science 120 - Review ALL notes on Constitutions (British, American, Canadain)  Test next week. 

Posted: April 1, 2019

Ancient History 10 - Filter down your 'video clip' notes;   10 pts for each video due at the beginning of class (Tuesday-Tomorrow)


English 10 -   By Wednesday, April 3rd, students should have 1/2 the Novel study completed (as per monday's checklist) 

                  TKAMB -  chp. 26  ;  The Help - chp.28;  Adv. of Huck Finn - XXVII


Political Science 12 - Review notes on Constitutions (England and USA). 

Posted: March 27, 2019

English 10 -  Depending on your novel.... you should be finished chp. 15 for tomorrow (Thurs.)


Posted: March 25, 2019

English 10  --   Students should have the first 14 chapters completed by tomorrow & be updating draft of novel study. 

                         (expectation is 3 chapters a day (in class; study block; homework).  

Ancient History 10 --  Students should have completed Assignment #1 (Terms and 2 quesions using the text). 

Political Science 12 --  Students need to finish up the long assignment of important dates in British Parlimentary History.  Due Wednesday.  

Posted: March 18, 2019

English 10 --  Novel Study !  Students should be completing 2-3 chapters per day, along with drafts of your 'package' questions. 

Ancient History 10 --  Students should have completed colouring thier maps of Mesopotamia - Study; Quiz Thursday. 

Political Science 12 -- New Unit began today "Constitutions";  Review notes and keep up on news headlines. 

Posted: February 22, 2019

Ancient History 10 -  Please complete your little "Project Outline" forms, and begin working away. - For Monday: Map test on contineents and oceans; Project presentations start next Thrusday

English 10 -  We've covered 4 short stories and all assignments should be in at this point.  -For Monday:  Please finish up your writing assignment on a character of your choice.  

Political Science 12 -   Today we reviewed scenerio work; passed in Assign. on "Desmond Tutu" and discussed sanctions/divestment.    Also, we began "Introduction to Government". - For Monday:  Start to study your notes and terms.  Test next Tuesday.   



Posted: February 19, 2019

English 10 -  War; Sniper; Mr.Know All (all past due).  Get them in for your late evaluation.  

              - 'The Snob' - read tonight, assignment to be passed in at the end of class tomorrow (wed.20th)

Ancient History 10 - Map Test Tomorrow

Political Science 12 - Review 3 Psyc.Theories and how they apply to politics. 




Posted: February 14, 2019

English 10 - Finised up analysis of "Sniper".   Due in Class TODAY. 

Political Science 120 - Review Notes on 3 Psyc.Theories and how they apply to Political Science. 

Ancient History 10  - Review Map; test coming up.  

                         - Choose your project type and finish up your "Preparation Sheet"