Posted: September 30, 2009

An event not to miss! On October 20th Dr. Jean Clinton will be coming to the James M. Hill theatre to present, All Kids are our Kids: The Teenage Brain Under Construction. This speaker will address teen-age brain development and how it influences the challenge of parenting teens. It will address what we can do for teens to thrive, and adults to survive! This presentation is being brought to you by MACY (Miramichi Advisory Committee on Youth) and there will be prizes drawn. For further information please call 623-2054.

Posted: September 28, 2009

Recently added to select school schedules as of this year is study block, a half hour period in which students are presented with time to do any work of productive nature. The newly created 5th period adds one more period to the daily school schedule in between 4th and 6th. To accommodate the time that is needed to have this class, which is  30 minutes, the schools have skimmed 7 minutes off of each period. Within this period students can work on whatever they choose, as long as they are busy with what they are doing.

Posted: September 25, 2009

James M. Hill Memorial High school recently launched a magazine and gift fundraiser. Each student was given a package containing an order form, a magazine selection book and a gift selection book. Proceeds from sales go towards the Student Council and wrap up October 6th. The Student Council has high hopes that participation in this year’s campaign is better than it has in the recent years. According to Vice Principal Mrs. O’Reilly, this year the school has introduced some new incentives to boost sales and participation. Cash prizes will be given away at the end of the campaign.

Posted: September 25, 2009

The James M. Hill Tommie boys baseball team picked up their first win of the season with an 8-0 defeat of their rivals Miramichi Valley High School at the Cardinal Field on Monday September 21. The Tommie’s team has high expectations for their new roster this year and are hoping to repeat a provincial championship this season. The high school baseball zones begin this weekend in Dalhousie. There are five teams competing in the tournament and with the Tommie’s thirteen returning players they have lots of experience and expect nothing less then to dominate the league as they did last year with

Posted: September 17, 2009

Welcome to our new school web site.  Our new site will be a great place to find James M. Hill news, student created media, handouts and other information about what is happening at our school.  Check back often as we will be updating daily.


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