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Posted: October 28, 2019

Dramatic/ Theatre Arts: As we look at acting componets we must first look at your taste in movies/Tv shows. So we will spend a couple of days building a powerpoint that will be presented to the class. Choose you top 5 best and 5 worst films. Be able to explain why they are good or bad in your opinion. You may talk about any aspect that you feel supports your argument. Due on Wednesday October 30th, 2019. The mark here is a presentation skill. Pair up with someone you have not worked with or choose to do it individually.

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Period 2- History students are working on their projects over the next couple of days.


Period 3- 5 students are working on an online course – they put finished materials in their file folders.


Period 4- Psychology students are working on research for their projects over the next couple of day

Period 5- Drama students are working on an artist profile assignment over the next couple of days.- Usually 2-3 pages. Cite sources and NO PLAGERISM- due on Monday- here are some ideas.

·         Individual work

·         Choose an actor

·         Write a bio of that actor- Where did this person come from? Training? Their story?

·         Discuss awards and failures

·         Highs and lows in personal life

·         Who are their inspirations?

·         Other work besides acting- directing, business, productions

·         What about charities that they work with?

·         Other passions that they have

·         What do you admire about this actor- why do you like him/her?

·         Discuss their acting style- talk about them in a scene and explain what makes them good.

·         What future roles do you see for this actor?



Posted: September 30, 2019

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Posted: June 4, 2019


Psychology final assignment: Don't make this long- 2 pages please. (Routed in fact and research)


We have spent the entire semester looking at some of the components of psychology:


  • Roles of Psychology and the schools of thought (Watson, Rogers, Freud, Seligman)
  • Parts of the brain
  • How we perceive and receive information
  • Projects that included - social; Psychology
  • We learned about cognition and intelligences
  • Classical Conditioning (Ivan Pavlov)
  • Operant Conditioning (B F Skinner)
  • Developmental Psychologist (Erik Erikson, Carl Rogers, Alfred Adler, Abraham Maslow)
  • Personality (Freud, Watson)
  • Stress and anxiety (cognitive therapy)
  • we wrote journals to support our ideas- (These were researched by articles)


Now we answer two questions: Who am I? Why am I the way I am?


This simply means to take a hard look at oneself. Use the research and material you have learned and take your best guess to understand you.


Where do I start?


  • Step 1- Write a profile of yourself- who are you?- Personality traits, thought process.
  • Step 2- use psychologist to explain why you are that way- For example you could explain that behaviourist believe that the environment shapes us through our experiences- so show me this. I am outgoing because at a young age my parents encouraged me to have large friend groups. I performed for people at a young age. I was taught to speak using "adult speech.
  • Step 3- how do I display this information- what is my strongest intelligence?- Art? I will design something that shows someone who I am.
  • Step 4- Give it to Gopee
  • step 5- Celebrate because you are done.



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