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Posted: June 2, 2015

Law 120: Civil law explained.Reading tutor: Study period for classesTheatre Arts: Filming for final movie is due on Thursday. Script should accompany the movie.Economics: Labour Unions worksheet. 
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Posted: May 11, 2015

Law 120: Students begin their first law case this week. Crown brought witnesses and the defense cross-examined. Tomorrow students will prepare for Wednesday's trial date. Students can work on witness statements as well as their paper which is due on May 22nd.Reading tutor: Kristyn Taylor and Hannah Preston have the class for the week.Theatre Arts: Students are working on their video projects. Let students know that I was unable to get the library until Wednesday. In the meantime they may do their actor profile. Follow these ideas. The goal is to present information about someone that you consider to be a great actor through a creative manner. This is individual and you should include information aboutHow they became a star- discoveryEducationFailures/ awardsMovies or plays that they were inThings that people do not knowInspirationsQuotesEconomics 120- work on your papers for economics

Posted: May 6, 2015

Law 120: Court cases and witness statements handed out. Opening statements tomorrow. Reading Tutor: Elizabeth Dickson Theatre Arts: Filming for video project “silent movie” or working with props comedy.  Economics 120-: There have been many economic changes throughout History however two have become the most important to economists, the Great Depression and The Great Recession. Students will write an economics paper comparing and contrasting these two economic timelines. Your paper should address the following issues: ·        What were the causes of the Great Depression and The Great Recession ·        Discuss some of the economic concepts related to The Great Depression and the Great Recession (Scarcity, Factors of production, Economic growth, market value, employment and unemployment , inflation, National Debt, GDP etc.) ·        Why did the stock market crash in the Great Depression but not the Great Recession ·        Include how world events as well as North American events affected each. Essentially your paper is simply to discuss both of these events and then conclude with ideas to avoid a future economic collapse. If you conclude that there will be another collapse offer economic advice of how one can protect oneself from this event. Paper will be 5 pages MLA format 12 font. Must have at least 4 resources used in the paper. Also include works credible works consulted. Students have 5 class periods for paper. I have included an article to get you started. 

Posted: May 4, 2015

Law 120: Students are working on court cases.Reading tutor: Elizabeth Dickson will be instructing the class this week.Theatre Arts: Students are working on physical action pieces. These videos will be due Monday.Economics: Inflation class assignment.

Posted: April 29, 2015

 Law 120: Law students are working on computers today. The students have been talking about the court system. Today we begin working on Lawyers. Please have the students prepare a 1-2 page report on the roles and responsibilities of being a Lawyer. Here are some guided questions for them as they prepare their report. 1.        Often times there are certain personalities that help in one’s career choice. What kind of personality type lends itself to the role of a lawyer? 2.        Chart the journey to become a lawyer, what degrees, where does one study? 3.        Explain the “Bar” exam- what is? It what does it mean? 4.        What are the types of Law can one practice? 5.        What is the average Lawyer’s wage? 6.        Explain the role of lawyers? 7.        Discuss the ethical responsibility that comes with being a lawyer. Reading Tutor: Students are working with Abby and Brenna Theatre Arts: Concept of Acting on the stage. We will engage in some basic Acting skills and then move to some improvisation concepts to teach risk. Economics 120: Students will finish presenting their ideas about inflation and then we will finish looking at Push and pull factors of inflation and the business cycle.    

Posted: April 28, 2015

Law120- Students begin looking at defence arguments today. Insanity/ intoxication and Provocation examined.Reading tutor: Students did a sit and share time and then looked at complex prepositions.Theatre Arts: Students began the acting process,Economics: Students presented information in inflation and will complete in-class activity.
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Posted: April 20, 2015

  Law120: House of Shafia case, Preparation for discussion of case tomorrow. Case is attached  Reading Tutor: Students teach this class. Kathleen has class today. Theatre Arts: Students should be ready for presentations today, however there is one more detail that they need to get ready for tomorrow's presentations. Students will do three more activities:  First of all students will research to find out the reviews of their show. What did audiences think. What was good and what was bad. - This should take 20 minutes. Secondly they will go and share the details of their show with another group. (10 minutes) show them your set and your PowerPoint as well as share with them why your show is good. Tell them what audiences are saying. Finally each group member will prepare to give to me tomorrow a review of the show that they were presented. Here are some questions to help guide your write up:   What is the show about? Discuss what you have learned about the main characters. Discuss the plot and themes What are your personal concerns about the show? Problems doing it here at the JMH stage, or other problem factors. Based on interest- who would come see the show- estimate an audience and explain why. What are suggestions you can give to sell it better. What ideas could you put into the show to make it more appealing to an audience? Finally rate the presentation out of 10.   Economics: Students are to do the Speaker reflection and finish their previous assignment. Remember test tomorrow.        

Posted: April 15, 2015

Law 120: Students are looking at how juries are selected as well as the responsibilities of jury members. After discussion students will find an article on Jury tampering and write a summary, including what happened and penalties.Reading Tutor 120: Sentence structure with Hannah and KristynTheatre Arts 120: Students are working on Theatre Musical Projects... Last Day is Friday November 17th, 2015.Economics 120: Review GDP and Unemployment Test Monday April 20th, 2015. Please complete Job assignment.

Posted: April 1, 2015

Law 120: Please be reminded that your Quiz is tomorrow.Thursday April 2nd 2015 Reading tutor: The power of words that mean the same thing. Theatre Arts: Drawings are due Thursday April 2nd 2015 Economics: Gross Domestic Product questions: Take 20  minutes to answer these questions. . Find 3 definitions of GDP.  (3) How are GDP and economic growth related? (2) What is the difference between GDP and GDP/capita? (2)  List the G-8 countries.   Go to and locate The World Fact Book.  Find the GDP per capita (2012) for each of the G-8 countries and list them in order from greatest  to least. (4) Choose one nation (does not have to be a G-8 country). Summarize what you perceive is that nation’s “standard of living,” according to its per capita GDP and other measures of social welfare. (2)  

Posted: March 30, 2015

Law 120: Students are reminded that they are going to the Miramichi Courthouse tomorrow. On another note they also have a Law Quiz on Thursday April 2nd, 2015. The list is attached. Reading Tutor: Students are reminded to bring in items to build a musical instrument. Theatre Arts: Students are working on their Play/Musical- Remember that the drawings of the set are due on Thursday April 2nd, 2015. Economics: Students will work on their Articles today. Remember that they must all be finished by the end of May.Also there is a quiz on Thursday April 2nd on definitions from our lessons on the stock market and supply and demand. List is Attached.



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