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Posted: January 11, 2016

Law 120: Final court case begins today. Students are asked to be ready with their testimonies and statements.

Reading Tutor: students are finishing up memory books this week.

Social Studies 9: Students will choose on of the following areas to present information about Canada and WWII


  • Build a powerpoint to present a 3-5 minute talk about the Homefront (2-3 people)
  • Design and explain a timeline of Canada in the war (2-3 people)
  • Draw and design your own propaganda poster (individually)
  • Research to see how Canada liberated a nation during WWII and then show how that nation remembers and honors Canada (2-3 people)
  • Presentation on weaponary and inventions during WWII (2-3 people)
  • Write and shoot a video that explains the highlights of WWII (3-5 people)
  • Write a journal of a soldier from Canada. (should have about 5-7 entries) (Indvidually)
  • Record a series of audio messages that report on World War II (2-3 people)
  • Discuss and present the role of women in WWII. (2-3 people)

Due on Friday 15th January, 2016


Posted: January 8, 2016

Law 120: Students are to use a civil case to discuss the legal terms learned in class.

  • Choose a canadian case and summarize it
  • Use Legal terms to discuss the outcome.
  • Discuss the appeal process for the case (what information could help an Appeal)
  • Was the outcome fair- your opinions.
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Posted: December 11, 2015

Use the great depression as your subject and discuss it using the 6 benchmarks of history.

File historical_thinking_concepts.pptx1.73 MB

Posted: November 26, 2015

Law 120: Students are beginning their mock cases today. We have 2-3 cases that we will conduct in class. Lawyers were given their cases and witness statements today. These students will take the next few days to understand and present their cases. Court begins on Monday November 30th, 2015. Tomorrow Layers will interview their witnesses to better understand and prepare for the case. Other members serve on the jury- These students will listen and respond to decide the verdict. On prep days these students will work on a 3-4 page paper regarding a controversial case. Here is the outline for your research paper: ·        Research and choose a controversial case- Controversial meaning that the case has caused some sort of split in regards to the outcome of it. It could be a hung jury case, or a media discussion of some sort. Most of these cases are based on controversial topics, for example assisted suicide. ·        Summaries the case (actus reas) ·        Express the (mens rea)- what is going on in the head of the accused. ·        Explain all evidence- how was the evidence used in court. ·        Give the defense’s approach to the case ·        Explain the outcome ·        Do you agree with the outcome? Why or why not? ·        Any other thoughts about the case.(back up your opinions) ·        4 PAGES (each time you are a witness for a case, you do one less page) ·        12 font ·        Show your research. Reading tutor: Naomi and Michelle- teaching music- students will learn to write a song. Social studies- We have been learning about the benchmarks of history- yesterday we started on ethical concepts of history- meaning history should mean something to us. It teaches us how the sacrifices of many have provided for us. The students will access a memorial today (worksheet) they will choose a memorial and answer the questions to see what they can learn from it. (10-15 minutes) Secondly the students will work in pairs to design a new memorial (on paper) to represent a piece of Canadian history. This can be from a local, national or worldwide event.   Explain what the memorial is why you designed what you designed- (maybe include some representations of primary source evidence) Why the event is important (Historically significant) for us What lessons can we learn from this event?  The memorial will be due end of class Friday.   

Posted: November 6, 2015

Law 120: students will not defend their Actus rea and Mens Rea for their fairy tale crimes. Be ready to present the criminal code for each charge, the evidence of each crime and the sentencing. while students are involved in the conference... other students will watch an episode of the first 48 and Outline the case Establish the actus Rea and mens Rea of the crimeDiscuss the investigation of evidenceHave 4 questions about the case studyAnd offer comments about the case.Reading tutor: Caitlin and Kayla. Social studies 9:Students are to make a title page that includes a coat or arms which is divided into 4 parts. One section will be on ancestry, one on what it means to be Canadian, one on yourself and who you are, and one on your future. At the bottom students should place their "motto".Value: 15Students are also going to tell 4 stories from their past. Immigration stories, World War stories, a "legendary" story, that has to do with their ancestors. The way in which students do this is up to them. They will have access to a recording booth, video cameras, iPads, and a computer lab. They can create movie, a photostory, a PowerPoint, a poster, or a combination.  Students must discuss their plans with the teacher and will have 4 hours of lab time to accomplish this.Value: 40   

Posted: November 3, 2015

Law 120: Students will work on their crime infromation for Thursday's one on one presentation. The students will argue and present their case as to what the accused is guilty of (criminal code) actus Rea and mens Rea. These interviews will be conducted on Thursday and Friday.Reading tutor: Teachers are Kaylee Regean and Nick NoelSocial studies grade 9: Students will link up to the canadian citizenship test: well do you know Canada. (10-15 minutes)If finished try chapter 1Finish and discuss your chosen topic as a Canadian citizen. 

Posted: November 2, 2015

Law 120: Students are working on a Fairytale crime. Here the students will provide support to show their understanding of Actus Rea and Mens rea.  
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Posted: October 30, 2015

Law 120- Crime powerpoint completedReading tutor- Novel study. Next week teachers Nick and Kaylee- Monday memory book day.Social studies: Today we will finish all projects and interviews.While students are engaged in interviews the rest of the class will write a persuasive letter to a goverment official outlining ideas and comments on one of Canada's current hot topics:Immigration IssuesHuman rights issuesenvironmental issuesYou will need at least 2 articles to support your ideas or to show your research.1 page in length- 12 font.(This is assignment is found on page 67 of your text) Some mat choose to use your text as a resource in order to gain a beeter understanding of these issues. 
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Posted: October 27, 2015

Law 120: Students started looking at crime. What is crime and the criminal code will be discussed.Reading tutor teachers: Ethan Kelly and Alex Stockli- subject TENSESocial studies: Today students are called in groups to have 5 minute interviews where they can present their project and explain what they have learned. While Mr. Gopee is testing all students will work on an article. We are discussing immigration in Canada. Since This issue is one of the Liberal Party platforms we will write and refelect a respose to the following articles: Immigration and respod to the article. Include 5 comments, 5 questions and you may use other articles to support your thoughts.

Posted: October 13, 2015

Law 120: Students are working on police investigation. How is evidence important in a crime scene? Powerpoint for the next couple of days is attached. Also students will group in 3s to present one area of forensic science.Reading tutor teachers:Makella and SarahSocial studies: Finish climate and weather- project for Social studies on Canadian identity.


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