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Posted: February 16, 2014

Eng 9 - Most of you are now merrily working away at your typed draft - nice job!  AND you're using Microsoft Word to do teh MLA citation for you.  These will be finished on Tuesday, when we will also create the final rubric we'll be using (after you get a trusted peer to complete an edit for you). Eng 122 - Thanks for completing your end of section II quiz today.  For Tuesday, you'll need to complete section III of Hiroshima, along with the Guiding Questions.  We'll also brainstorm some ideas for your supported research essay. Eng 112 - Your entire novel, whatever it happens to be, must be completed by next Friday, Feb. 21.  Please ensure taht you are keeping up with every reading target and making a boatload of notation.

Posted: February 11, 2014

Eng 9 - Another great five-minute write and "a say".  Remember that your draft (types) is due this Friday, but you must get your outline approved first. Eng 122 - Thanks for a great say about last night's Article of the Week.  Section II of Hiroshima is due on Thursday, along with your notation and Guiding Questions.  REMINDER: Reflection due on Friday. Eng 112 - Thanks for the fivr-minute write and "a say".  From there, we played "Does anyone else..." as a way to spark discussion about your selected novels.  Thanks for letting me eavesdrop...  Keep plugging away at your reading targets and making lots of notation.  Theme, theme, theme...  REMINDER: Reflection due on Friday, you L - Z scholars!

Posted: February 10, 2014

Eng 9 - Nice five-minute write...followed by a ton of work on your research essay. Eng 122 - AotW due for tomorrow, and Section II of your novel (with notation and Guiding Questions) for Wednesday. Eng 112 - Five-minute write, short summary quiz, followed by some reading time.  Meet your reading targets!  The whole novel must be completed by next Friday. Remember, be thinking about THEMES and a potential research essay (with support) topic.
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Posted: February 6, 2014

Eng 9 - Thanks for another great five-minute write.  It's quite a blessing to get to know you all a little better every day.  Great start on using MS Word for our MLA citation, too.  We'll continue with that tomorrow. Eng 122 - Don't forget about your Reflection, due tomorrow. Today, we did a quick review of four main points of view (narration styles), and we figured out that section I of Hiroshima must be read for Monday...and that includes your active reading notation, as well.  That's your proof that you're actually thinking, connecting, and questioning as you go.  Oh, thanks for your input at the end of class, too.  Much appreciated. Eng 112 - Thank you for the five-minute write again today.  From there, we went to our beautiful new Learning Commons to read in comfort.  Each novel group determined a manageable reading goal for tomorrow or Monday..and you were all given a reminder about your active reading notation (same as the 122's in the post above this one).  We'll continue with this tomorrow.  Oh, A - K...REFLECTIONS DUE TOMORROW!  YESSSS!!! LIAM - Hey there!  Your group decided to be at the end of chapter one for tomorrow, to see how that feels.  We'll keep you posted...and give your study buddy a big hug from me!

Posted: February 5, 2014

Eng 9 - Today, we had our five-minute write and "a say", you selected your research topic, then you got to work!  We'll continue that tomorrow, and take our first look at how to use Mocrosoft Word to do your MLA citation.  Pretty big stuff! Eng 122 - Don't forget your Reflection for Friday!  Today, you informed your peers about everything we need to know about Hiroshima before we get to it, you received your Guiding Question for section I, and you took a peek at the type of test you'll be writing at the end.  Also, remember that you'll be required to provide evidence of your active reading through notation, and you'll develop your own research topic. Eng 112 - You too - don't forget your Reflection for Friday.  Nice work in frontloading your novels.  Don't forget your notes as you work your way through your book!

Posted: February 4, 2014

Eng 9 - Great job today taking/making notes while surveying potential topics.  Tomorrow, we'll do a couple more then determine your own specific topics. Eng 122 - Thanks so much for a wonderful "say" about your Article of the Week from last night.  Great job.  You'll be presenting to your peers tomorrow. Eng 112 - Thanks for becoming famous today.  I really appreciate you.  Tomorrow...on to your novels!  Yesssss!!!!

Posted: February 3, 2014

Eng 9 - Hope you enjoyed your Learning Commons tour!  Good work with your five-minute write.  Tomorrow, we'll get right back with making notes from the Elizabethan era packets of info.  Hopefully, you'll get through four or five of them. Eng 122 - Congrats on receiving your first Article of the Week today!  Hopefully, the samples we looked at will help you to do a great job with your own.  Tomorrow, we'll have a say about your AotW, thenpresent to each other to get ready for Hiroshima. Eng 112 - If we haven't already, we'll finish up our frontloading presentations so we can get at our novels!  Yesssss!!!
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Posted: January 31, 2014

Eng 9 - Today, we reviewed the "checks" to use when determining the credibility of a website, we enjoyed your five-minute writing with "a say", then began working on how to make notes from an internet source.  Great work! Eng 122 - We reviewed your incredible Bloom's questions, then determined the rubric we'll use to score your Hiroshima frontloading work.  Thanks for your insight! English 112 - You helped to determine what we should know/do/show by the end of our novel study...using your own insight and the insight of others who have pondered this issue before us.   Enjoy your weekend and stay safe.

Posted: October 14, 2013