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Posted: September 24, 2013

Eng 9 - Great job on your Article of the Week last night.  remember that ALL OF THE PARTS of your friendly letter are due on Thursday...and you won't have any more class time!  Thanks to you who already handed yours in.  Can't wait to read 'em! Eng 122 - Ditto on your Article of the Week.  For tomorrow, the draft of your supported research essay is due (now that you have such a fabulous model to follow...), and the final is due Friday, along with your Reflection. Eng 112 - Ditto ditto with the AotW.  Ditto also on the draft of your essay for tomorrow, and the final for Friday.

Posted: September 19, 2013

Eng 9 - Today, you completed a terrific warm-up to show the power of commas ("Look at that huge hot dog!"), then we created the rubric that will be used for the final copy of your letter (if you weren't too busy getting your picture taken).  Don't forget to keep plugging away at your Book-A-Month! Eng 122 - Thanks so much for getting your supported research essay outlines done.  I very much enjoyed conferencing with you today, and getting an idea of the wonderful essay topics I'll be reading about.  Remember that the DRAFT is due next Wednesday, Sept. 25 (you received an editing checklist for that today), and the whole shebang is due next Friday, Sept. 27.  Also, your Reflection and short summary of your selected character are due tomorrow. Eng 112 - This afternon, you received the checklist for the first draft of your supported research essay, then continued plugging away on your outline, which is due tomorrow so we can conference before you proceed.  Also, be reminded that your Book Talk, One-Pager and notes are due next Wednesday.

Posted: September 18, 2013

Eng 9 - Today, you enjoyed some SSR time, then we reviewed the outline and new punctuation you picked up from analyzing my friendly letter to you.  For tomorrow, please complete your OUTLINE, and we'll begin writing the draft in class...right after we make up the rubric we'll be using to score it. Eng 122 - Great say today about section III of Hiroshima.  Thanks for that.  For tomorrow, you must have your research outline completed so we can approve it together.  Also, remember that for Friday you'll need to write a Reflection AND provide a short summary of the character you select to read about in teh last section of the book. Eng 112 - In class today, we had a few VERY informal book talks, then you worked toward completing the outline for your research essay with support.  The outline is due on Friday...and all of the work for your non-fiction novel choice (including your DURING reading notes) are due next Wednesday.

Posted: September 16, 2013

Eng 9 - Hi there!  Today, you received your Article of the Week (due tomorrow, of course), and you completed most of your Mock ELPA.  We'll finish that up tomorrow, then get working on your friendly letter to me! Eng 122 - Hey!  You also received an AotW (due tomorrow), we reviewed (or you learned) how to use Microsoft Word to do your citations both IN and AT THE END OF your essays, and you began to research your topic.  Remember that the outline (which has to be OK'd by me) is due on Wednesday, and you must have the third section of Hiroshima read by Wednesday. Eng 112 - Your AotW is also due tomorrow, as is your early character sketch (if you didn't complete it today).  As well, you must complete your essay outline by Thursday, and get a quick OK from me before proceeding. 
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Posted: May 6, 2013

English 9 - Hi there!  Today, we reviewed some great answers on your The Merchant of Venice test, then analyzed how Shakespeare managed to get some of his major themes across to us, the readers. Tomorrow, we'll take a look at some choices I have for you regarding your novel study.  It's wide open, people! English 122 - Hey!  Your Article of the Week is due tomorrow, as is your Multi-Genre project.  In addition, we'll begin a frontloading assignment to get us ready for your final unit of study, Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck.

Posted: April 29, 2013

English 9 - Hey there!  Today in class, you completed your five-minute writing, we watched the end section of The Merchant of Venice movie, then you worked on completing a comparison/contrast analysis of the end.  If you didn't get it finished, please do so for tomorrow. English 122 - In class this morning, you received your Article of the Week (due tomorrow), we watched a different version of the Faustian bargain, you had the opportunity to view several Multi-Genre Project samples (yours is due next Tuesday)...and that was about it!  Whew!

Posted: April 22, 2013

English 9 - In class today, we completed our five-minute writing, took a look at some GREAT examples of your "My Role in the World" writings, then began making some predictions about what might happen in Act 4.  We'll continue with that assignment in class tomorrow. JEREMY - Too bad you missed today...someone stole the batteries from my SmartBoard remote and I couldn't pause the movie... English 122 - You received your Article of the Week (due tomorrow), we reviewed your analyses from last Thursday (well done!), then we kept on truckin'.  Tomorrow, I'll give you the outline for the Multi-Genre Project (it's capitalized...must be pretty fancy stuff...) you'll be completing at the end of this play.

Posted: April 15, 2013

English 9 - For tomorrow, please complete your Phase 2 - Month One in Words assignment (if you haven't already).  If you are in periods 2 and 4, also complete the Interview With A Character assignment (most of you were pretty close to done by the end of class).  Thanks! English 122 - Reminder of your research essay with support due on Thursday, and your Article of the Week, due tomorrow.   

Posted: April 10, 2013

English 9 - You worked on your Phase 2 writing assignment (due next Tuesday - they look great so far!), then we read & summarized several short scenes in our play.  Tomorrow, bring on the Prince of Morocco! English 122 - You handed in your "interview" questions, you were assigned a research essay (with support), due next Thursday, then we continued on in our play.  John Faustus is messin' with the Pope!

Posted: April 8, 2013

English 9 - Today, you worked away on your "Phase 2" writing assignments, then you began a short reflection dealing with YOUR role in the world, if, indeed, the whole world is a stage.  That is due tomorrow. English 122 - You received your Article of the Week (due tomorrow), we finished the Book Talks, and we picked up where we left off in Dr. Faustus - the parade of sins.  In class tomorrow, you'll be writing some interview questions for your favourite sin...along with their potential answer.