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Posted: November 22, 2012

English 9 - Hey there!  GREAT job today writing your eharmony profile for the "last person" on Earth.  We also quickly reviewd your questions for Sentry.  On Monday, you'll do a final edit for your character's profile, and we'll take a look at Voodoo, also by Fredric Brown. English 121 - Thanks for handing in your research essays.  I'm really looking forward to reading them.  Remember, your multi-genre project is due Wednesday, and we'll also begin our frontloading presentations for Of Mice and Men on that day, as well.   Enjoy your long weekend.  Hope to meet your folks!

Posted: November 21, 2012

Eng 9 - Hi!  Great job with your "Who Is This?" warm-up today.  We'll create an e-harmont ad for that person tomorrow...For homework, complete the five short questions for Sentry.  Thanks! Eng 121 - Hiya!  Research essay is due tomorrow!  Yahoo!!

Posted: November 19, 2012

English 9 - Hi!  Please complete your Article of the Week for tomorrow - be sure to write as much as you can for both sections of the Food for Thought. English 121 - Hi, too!  Your Article of the Week is also due tomorrow.  In addition, your research essay (with support) is due on Thursday, and your multi-genre project is due next Wednesday, November 28.  Get crackin'!
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Posted: November 15, 2012

English 9 - Hi there!  Today, we reviewed the "words in context" part of your Article of the Week (you're doing such a terrific job!), then we took a look at he peer edit form for the draft of your memoire.  The final is due tomorrow, double-spaced, please! English 121 - Hey to you!  We were on the CUSP of learning Faustus' destiny...when you were called down to the theatre for an assembly.  Boo.  Tomorrow is D-Day...and you also have a reflection due.

Posted: November 13, 2012

English 9 - Article of the Week is due for tomorrow.  ALSO DUE FOR TOMORROW are the point-form notes of the memoire you'll be writing.  You'll be using them in class tomorrow to start writing your draft.  Here is how your week looks: WEDNESDAY - in class, use your point-form notes to work on completing the draft of your memoire.  THE DRAFT IS DUE ON Thursday. THURSDAY - in class, have a trusted classmate peer edit your draft with the checklist I'll provide for you (it loosely covers the six traits).  THE FINAL IS DUE Friday. FRIDAY - SSR, then you'll read several of your classmates' memoires, and hand them all in afterward (I'll have an editor's page for you to use...don't worry!) ENGLISH 121 - Article of the Week due tomorrow.  We'll also get back to our dear, confused friend, Dr. Faustus, and take a better look at what a "multi genre project" looks like.      

Posted: November 5, 2012

English 9 - Hi!  You received your Article of the Week today (due tomorrow), then we reviewed the Priovinvial Reading Standards for the end of grade eight, just so you see how everything we do is geared toward your success. You just have to do YOUR part!  In addition, we began the idea of your MEMOIRE today.  We'll continue with that tomorrow, along with some SSR. English 121 - Our itty-bitty class received their Articles, then we proceeded with two BookTalks.  Same for tomorrow!

Posted: November 1, 2012

English 9 - Thanks for completing the OCA today.  Remember that for tomorrow, you must have completed your comparison and contrast paragraphs for "The Man Who Finds That His Son Has Become A Thief" and "Imprints".  They must be typed.  In addition, you must hand in your analyses of the two poems and your Venn diagram. English 121 - Thanks for completing your two quizzes today.  Please have your Reflection ready for tomorrow, and we'll resume the booktalks.

Posted: October 29, 2012

English 9 - Hello!  Today, you received your AotW (due tomorrow), we looked at some of the FOUND POEMS you created on Friday, then you got back to work on your "Imprints" analysis.  Tomorrow, we'll mix SSR in with your immunizations.  Also, remember that you have a One-Pager due on Thursday. English 121 - Hi!  You also received your AotW (due tomorrow), then we continued through Dr. Faustus until Act 4, scene 5 - you will be analyzing the next two scenes on your own...just to show that you can!  Your Book Talks will also begin tomorrow.
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Posted: October 25, 2012

English 9 - Hey there!  In class today, we came up with a FOUND POEM, using some of your favourite words from your Warm-Ups.  They were unbeliveable.  We'll have a "Poem-Off" tomorrow between all three classes.  We then began working on our analysis of the next poem, "Imprints" by Pat Jasper.  This is not for homework.  Try to bring some scissors in tomorrow. English 121 - Hey to you, too!  We got right to it today, and really tackled a lot in Dr. Faustus.  There seems to be a recurring idea: Is he really getting the bang for his buck?  Remember your Reflection for tomorrow.

Posted: October 24, 2012

English 9 - Today, we added "THEME" to our list of poetic terms (thanks to a 20-year gap in songs for helping us with this one), Then, you began working on your own analysis of "The Man Who Finds That His Son Has Become A Thief."  Good work so far!  The entire analysis page is due tomorrow, so we can move on to the next stage. English 121 - You did a WICKED job of listing the questions you'd ask one of the sins if you had the chance.  I loved that.  We then read a little further into the play.