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Posted: April 13, 2020

Hey there, everyone; Happy Easter!  This week, let's run through the most important steps to writing an essay.  Those of you with it mostly done can take the time to check on a few things before passing it in.  For those just putting your essay together, the most important aspect is your thesis statement.  This is the sentence that states what it is that you are proving with the essay, and allows all the other information to flow well as you prove the statement.  Below, I will place a couple of link to the Online Writing Lab at Purdue University.  Skim it over to see if there are ways to improve your existing thesis statement, or for tips to develop one now.
Your assignment for this week will be to send in the best thesis statement you can come up with (send it in via the class "Team" in Microsoft Online, or just email it to me at, then organize your notes into the best way to prove that thesis.

Posted: April 13, 2020

Happy Easter, everyone!  For those of you who have agreed to keep working on the research essay, I hope you were able to find/recover enough research to write a shorter essay.  Once you have that, the next step is to figure out exactly what you are proving.....develop your thesis statement.  This is the one sentence that reveals to the reader exactly what you will be proving by reading this essay.  That is what we will use this week for - narrowing down the thesis to a tight and functional statement.  Below, I will post a couple of links to the Online Writing Lab at Purdue University, to help you figure out your focus.  Once you have a focus, it is easy to fit your research into a cohesive essay. 

If you are not on "Teams," could you please email your thesis statement to me this week, then start organizing your research in the most effective way to prove your thesis.

For those who proposed to do the book study first, that is certainly possible - I am still working on that; stay tuned!

Posted: April 13, 2020

World Economic Forum - Universal Basic Income

Posted: April 13, 2020

Universal Basic Income -

Posted: April 13, 2020


Happy Easter, Everyone, and thanks for your responses last week.  This week, let's continue looking at the current Economic issues around the pandemic(there are soooo many!).  This week, I would like you to consider the idea of a Basic Universal Income (a program that would ensure that all households receive a basic amount on which they could survive).  Some parties have proposed that we should have this all the time, not just in pandemic crises, to keep the economy stable.  You will find an article posted below, as well as two links to other short articles.

Read through the three short articles about the idea of a Universal Basic Income.  You should be able to find them below.  Now that we have seen what a pandemic can do to the economy, do you think it is a good idea to establish a universal basic income in our country?  Should all countries?  Would it help to stabilize the economy?  In a short response, state your main idea, and a few reasons to support it.  You can email your response to me, or join the Economics 120 Team.

Happy Easter, Everyone!  I heard from probably 3/4 of you last week, and everyone said that they had a book they could read and analyze.  For those of you who didn't get back to me, I would love to hear about what you might have at home that we could work with - we can adapt almost anything, so just let me know.

The first element we will consider this week is the setting of the story.  In the documents posted below, I have one that reviews what setting is, and has the assignment questions.  The other document is sample answers.  I will do the book study with you, but I will do three books: a fiction book (Wonder, by Emma Donahue), a non-fiction (true story) book (Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption by Bryan Stevenson), and a graphic novel (The Adventure Zone: Here There be Gerblins by the McElroy Brothers and Carey Pietsch).  Hopefully, the sample answers will guide you as you figure out the setting of the book you are reading.  

Remember, also, that every book is different.  You may need to adapt the questions a bit to suit your own book.  You don't have to ask to do that - it shows critical thinking, and I will be able to figure out why you had to change things up a bit for your book.

I will post this on "Teams," as well - you can send your answers in right there, and ask any questions by hitting "reply" underneath the post.  If you would rather just grab things from here, and email your responses, you can contact me at

Happy reading!


Posted: April 5, 2020


Hi all; I really look forward to hearing from all of you this week.  As we always plan out units together, this new situation should be no different.  So, that is what I would like you to think about this week; what is the most important way to spend the time we have left, and what is do-able by virtual learning.

I would like to throw out the idea of completing the research essay, since you have started the research.  We could, of course, amend the expectations a bit, as you may not have time to complete the 8-10-page essay.  I do  think the step-by-step plan we had would work well in this situation, and an essay is great experience for post-secondary.

So, that is your assignment for this week: what is the best use of your time?  What expectations are fair (perhaps the essay shouldn't be 10 pages, for example)?  Please get in contact with me with your suggestions  - you cna reach me through email at  I have also set up a team called English 111 Per 4 in Microsoft "Teams," and your access code to join that team is ig7mppm ; you can add to the discussion there, as well.

Many of you are much better at using "Teams" than I am - please let me know if you see me doing things incorrectly.  I am just learning it, now!

Hi everyone!  It will be so great to connect with you again.  Since it will be difficult to complete a Shakespeare play as planned, we will move on to the next unit, which would have been an independent book study.  That should work better as a home learning option.  What I would like you to be thinking of this week is:  What do you have access to read?  Some of you will have books at home that you are interested in, some will have access to books online, some will be able to get audio books, some may prefer an online biography of someone you admire.  Even if all you can access is a newspaper from a month ago, we can work with that.


So, your assignment for this week is simply: 1) get in touch with me somehow - my email is  I have also set up a Team in the Microsoft 365 online program.  It is called Language Arts 9 Period 3, and the code to join is 49favsn. If you go in to assignments, you will see the same question as above, and should be able to respond to it.  I am learning all of this, too, so if you see anything that isn't working, please email me.

Posted: April 5, 2020

Hi Everyone!  It is great to connect with you again.  I plan to get information to you through this platform, as well as through "Teams," as that will give you a way to get assignments back to me.  The team name for this class is English 113 Per 2, and the code to join is bgz3cz6

The only assignment for this week is for you to let me know where you are in regards to research for your essay, and what type of essay is going to work for you, given the situation we are in right now.  Some of you were ready to roll with a full APA-formatted essay, and I would love to see those.  Others may not have access to any of your research, notes, or previous work.  If that is the case, you could just write a clear explanatory essay over the next few weeks. So, for this week, all I expect is that you get in touch with me somehow ( my email, OR, through Teams on Microsoft 365) and let me know the type of writing that would work for you over the next few weeks.

Posted: April 5, 2020

Hi Everyone!  It is great to connect with you again.  I am attempting a "Teams" page for this class, so you can get assignments back to me more easily, but I will duplicate everything on this page, as well.  The code to join the JMH Economics 120 team is weos78b.  I have a very easy first assignment on there, to get us all back into economic thinking.  

The assignment is to read the handout "Types of Business Organization," (it will be attached here somewhere, as well as on the "Teams" site), make some notes on the differences, choose a business that means something to you (this could be your uncle's body shop, your favourite restauranat McDonalds, or the NBA, and define which type it is by using the characteristics defined in the handout.  Then, think about the ways that business is being affected by the pandemic.  I am just looking for a reflection-type of response here; you can respond in "Teams," or send it by email.

Please let me know if something isn't working here; I am just learning how to work "Teams," and some of you know it much better than I do.

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